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Thanks to constant changes and advancements in DJ mixing equipment, DJs no longer need multiple decks and mixers to create quality music. DJ controllers are taking the music world by storm and are a new, innovative way to create, mix, and scratch music. 

Welcome to Channel DJ. Your one-stop DJ controller buyer’s guide. We use our expertise and years of presence in the music industry to help you choose and use the best DJ controllers that money can buy. 

At Channel DJ, we love DJ controllers and are best placed to assist you with all your DJ controller needs. Why waste your time and effort sifting through reviews and articles on other sites when you can get all the information you need right here? 

With a variety of DJ controllers available, choosing the right one for your mixing needs can be daunting. That’s why we at Channel DJ are here to help you understand the features of DJ controllers, helping you make the best purchase decision possible.

Channel DJ has everything from reviews to tips and advice on how to choose a DJ controller. We have done the groundwork for you, saving you the time and effort it would take to research the various brands, makes, and models yourself. Let us help you become the best DJ with one of our wide range of DJ controllers. 

Choosing a DJ controller is an important decision and one that you should not take lightly. Before you rush out and buy just any DJ controller, it is crucial to understand why a DJ controller is a must-have for both aspiring and pro DJs. 

What is a DJ Controller?

If you’re new to the world of mixing music and have only just heard about DJ controllers, you are in for a treat. DJ controllers are revolutionizing the way that DJs make their music; they have all but eliminated the need for any other mixing equipment or decks. 

A DJ controller is a device used to help DJs mix music. It is essentially an electronic control panel with knobs, sliders, encoders, and more to help create the sound you would expect to hear when you listen to dance music. 

You can use software that comes with the unit when purchased to connect the DJ controller to any computer or laptop to create music. 

Why a DJ Controller is a Good Buy

DJ controllers mimic traditional DJ mixing setups. They are an all-in-one setup that removes the need for a mixer and two decks. This all-in-one piece of equipment is designed to allow you – the user – to mix and scratch music as you normally would on a more traditional setup. 

A DJ controller has more features and possibilities, and is useful for:

  • Adjusting frequency
  • Mixing and scratching music
  • Editing audio files

With a DJ Controller, you can kiss the mixer goodbye as this is built into the center of the controller console. However, it allows you to connect a mixer to the console if you choose to. 

Where Can I Use a DJ Controller?

DJ Controllers are fully transportable and can be used in the home, studio, or club to mix music. Do away with costly pieces of mixing equipment as you go digital with a DJ controller. You can plug it into any computer with the correct software, which is ideal for mixing on the go. 

Used by DJs like Marshmello, Martin Garrix, and more, a DJ controller is the future when it comes to mixing and scratching songs and melodies. 

The Cost of DJ Controllers

DJ controllers are priced according to their features, not their size. While mixers and decks are more expensive the larger they are, the opposite is true of DJ controllers. If you’re just starting out in the world of mixing, a small, compact setup with only a few features is ideal and will not cost you an arm and a leg. 

But the more features for those pro DJs who play gigs and record their music for sale, the better. In this case, spending a little extra to have a whole range of features to choose from is worth every penny. 

The Top 7 Reasons to Buy a DJ Controller

If you’re still not convinced that a DJ controller is the right piece of mixing equipment for you, here are seven reasons why you should consider investing in one.

  1. DJ controllers allow you to equalize the room. There is no need for mixers or any other sound equipment to stabilize your sound to suit the environment. 
  2. A DJ controller is ideal for events that require more than one microphone to be plugged in with no interference to the sound. 
  3. The DJ has the ability to split the output capacity of the DJ controller to the settings they choose. 
  4. All DJ controllers allow a backup music source to be connected to the controller. This is great when you want to create a truly unique sound using other computers or controllers. 
  5. Record your mix to any computer or laptop that has the available software using your DJ controller.
  6. Collaborate with one or more DJs using your DJ controller. 
  7. Connect any instruments to your DJ controller using the available connections. 

As you can see, a DJ controller has a wide range of uses and is really the only piece of mixing equipment you will need. 

ChannelDJ.com: Your One-Stop DJ Controller Guide

Before you accidentally buy a DJ controller that is not the right pick for your music style or budget, read more on the ChannelDJ website about the wide range available. We have customer reviews on most of the brands available and also have some great tips on choosing the best DJ controller. 

Become a DJ today by investing in a quality DJ controller to mix and scratch those beats. 

We love DJ controllers and are here to help you spend your money wisely by providing a buyer’s guide to the best names in DJ controllers on the market. Visit channeldj.com and explore the world of DJ controllers. 

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