5 Best 4 Channel DJ Controllers

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Beginner and expert DJs out there who are looking for more creativity need a reliable DJ controller. This is where a 4-channel controller will come in handy to increase their creativity and improve their overall DJing skill.

We take a closer look at some of the best 4-channel DJ controllers available on the market for upcoming DJs. You will be surprised at what these DJ controllers have to offer the expertise and the beginner DJ to help wow their audience.

Below, we are going to take a look at what the DJ controllers in this review offer to improve your creativity and skill. So just keep reading to find which is the perfect option for you.

Comparison Chart

Numark NS6 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller
41vX4uzlVDL. SL500
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 4-Channel
51zGToWv6jL. SL500
Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 – 4-deck USB DJ Control Surface
51JmiQt3y5L. SL500
G4V 4- Channel Virtual DJ Controller
Reloop Mixon 4 DJ Controller

4 Channel DJ Controller Reviews

Numark NS6 Professional 4 Channel DJ Controller


Numark has always been a reliable brand regarding DJ controllers and quality, and this model is no different. It has great built-in features to make it easy to be used by both the professional and the entry-level DJs out there.


The overall durability of this DJ controller makes it a piece of gear you will use for many years to come. The sturdy build and very reliable and easy-to-use functions make it a dream to work with this DJ controller.

You have a range of input options at your disposal to make the controller compatible to use with many different devices. You also have a range of turntable inputs together with USB audio and stereo RCA to make it easy to upgrade your station for better performance.

For a blazing fast workflow, this DJ controller is equipped with strip search song navigation to make it easy for the DJ. You will also find high-resolution touch-sensitive illuminated platters to help the creative juices flow freely while captivating the audience.

Every mixer channel comes with its 3-band EQ and gains together with dedicated hardware FX controllers to improve overall output performance. Standard MIDI protocol that can be used with Serato makes it easy to be adaptable, while it can also be upgraded to Serato DJ.

The high responsiveness of the platters makes this a great choice for every DJ.

Regarding portability, this one comes a bit short at a heavy 14 pounds of weight you need to carry. This is not good for the nomad DJ who wants to be on the move to the next event without too much hassle.

Also, the jogwheels are not as easy on the eye as in previous versions of the Numark DJ controllers. This means that those who are used to using older versions will take some time to get used to the less dazzling jogwheels.


  • It is easy to set it up and operate
  • Comes with everything included to get you started
  • Has a durable construction
  • A great option for all levels of DJs


  • This DJ controller is quite heavy
  • It will take time for beginners to get used to the jogwheels

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 4 Channel DJ Controller

41vX4uzlVDL. SL500

This versatile DJ controller is a great option for a variety of DJ applications to help improve the overall performance. With many years of experience in the DJ controller industry, you can expect more than just great performance from this device from Native Instruments.


To provide you with more energized output sets, you have many different layers of beats, from blending drums to rhythmic excursions. This will give you an edge to keep the audience captivated and improve overall output performance.

It has a full version of Traktor Pro 3 to make it much easier for the beginner and the experienced DJ. This powerful DJ software tool will help increase creativity and take your DJ skills to the next level.

The jog heels come in a good size, provide a nice feel, and give you a good level of resistance. These high-quality jogwheels are great for aggressive scratch routines and small adjustments when needed, though they come with less feedback.

Long and capable pitch faders provide great resistance, allowing you to make quick and easy adjustments. Sync buttons just above the faders are a great option for those who want to keep the software aligned with the beats.

Excellent looping control is possible with the two loop control buttons that allow great loop manipulation. With a wide range of great features, the S3 is a great option for beginner DJs.

This DJ controller from Native Instruments comes without an on/off switch, which may confuse beginner DJs. It gets switched on as soon as you launch Traktor Pro and have it connected to a power source.

A lack of dedicated deck FX controls is a bit of a shortcoming for some, making it difficult to have quick access. It can be activated and manipulated via your laptop, but that may slow you down just a little bit. 


  • Strong and sturdy jogwheels
  • It comes with flexible connectivity options
  • Some of the best loop controls available
  • This DJ controller comes with an affordable price point


  • It does not come with an on/off switch
  • This controller has no dedicated FX controls

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 4 Channel DJ Controller

51zGToWv6jL. SL500

With this flagship version of DJ controllers from Pioneer, you can not go wrong if you are looking for outstanding performance. It comes with great built-in features and great durability. You will go far to find other same-level DJ controllers out there.


The standard club layout makes the DDJ-1000 a great option if you are looking for that professional look and feel for your DJ station. Beginners will find this a great way to prepare them for the real club setup when they are ready.

Large full-sized DJ jogwheels give you a great feel of control and are quite easy to use. They also come with quite a low latency feel, making them perfect for tight scratching and much better accuracy.

In the center of each jogwheel, you have a full-color display that can easily be customized to fit in with your style. This is a great way to express different moods and allow a great touch you need from a top-notch DJ controller.

An expansive 4-channel mixer section offers great features to provide you with a fresh and unique output perspective. There is a trim knob for every channel available, and every channel has its full 3-band EQ for better creativity.

The overall professional layout of this DJ controller is what you are looking for when creating your vibe.

The shiny plastic of the mixer faceplate shows fingerprints easily when you touch it, which may not be that big an issue. It does, however, cause the device to look dirty, so you need to clean it all the time while working, which can be annoying sometimes.

This DJ controller is also restricted to only the Rekordbox DJ software that comes with the controller, which is a bummer. This means that if you are used to other software, you will have a learning curve to get used to this one.


  • Easy to use layout for quick access to features
  • Large and strong jogwheels
  • Full jogwheel color display
  • Excellent FX sound and a range of options


  • The faceplate of the mixer easily shows fingerprints on the plastic
  • It is restricted to Rekordbox DJ software

Gemini G4V 4 Channel Virtual DJ Controller

51JmiQt3y5L. SL500

Everything you need to start your DJ career is included with this set to make it a complete DJ package. The overall design of the layout prevents it from feeling cluttered so as not to overwhelm the entry-level and beginner DJs out there.


This DJ controller from Gemini is built to last for a long time to provide you with many hours of wowing the audience. Everything on this piece of gear is made from durable materials, and the steel construction gives a quite heavy and durable feel and heft.

The overall durability and easy-to-use controls make it more fun to use this DJ controller while performing. The jog wheels have a decent weight and are made of good quality materials to make them easy to use for different applications.

You will find the crossfader selection buttons for great and easy scratch routines quite close to the crossfader. This great design feature makes it a bit easier for the DJ to improve their overall performance.

The overall layout of this DJ controller with the sober gray features gives a good first impression of quality. You will find that the layout of this controller with the dark backing and durability makes it a great option for stability and display.

It comes with decent sound output, making it great for use with different applications. In general, it offers great control over the software and delivers quite well over the spectrum.

Setting this DJ controller up will take time and effort, together with the online registration and more. This might seem like a small problem, but those with very little prior experience may find the setup process a bit daunting.

It is also a large piece of equipment, so you need to have quite a large DJ station at your disposal to use it. This might not be a great option for those with only a small place, or if you need to upgrade your DJ station.

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  • Very strong and sturdy construction
  • Great connectivity options for flexibility
  • It has a great overall performance
  • Many great features were added to make DJing more fun


  • Setting it up is a bit difficult
  • It is quite big and cumbersome

Reloop Mixon 4 4 Channel DJ Controller Bundle

This is a nice all-around DJ controller that is designed to be used with iPad Pro for better control of the features. It also comes with four channels that can be controlled separately to improve the overall creativity of the beginner and expert DJ.


The bolted-down faceplate and pots give this a nice, durable feel and look to make it last for some time. The overall construction of this DJ controller is sturdy, and it is mostly made from high-quality materials for peace of mind.

With a range of software at your disposal, this device can be used with the DJ Pro app, which can be downloaded for free. It is also compatible with the major mobile platforms to further increase the versatility of this DJ controller for the beginner and pro.

It can also be used with Serato DJ with a subscription, which is compatible with Pulselocker to make it easy to use. Once your songs are downloaded from Pulselocker, you can play them offline without needing an internet connection.

The software provides great options to assign special effects to one knob, which can be instantly used when needed. This controller has various connectivity options with RCA, XLR master outs, and TRS booth outs.

This feature-rich DJ controller is a great option for those who want to have a lightweight option at their disposal.

Without a hardware controller for the mixer, you might be limited when you are performing at the DJ station. You can control all the features from the iPad Pro, which is quite handy, but the limitations remain.

The plastic play and pause buttons might be something some DJs out there may not like. This might be a problem if you are looking for something that has overall better durability and is built to last longer.


  • It comes with a laptop stand
  • It has a nice lightweight construction
  • Easy to use and set it up
  • It can be used with different iPad devices


  • There is no hardware mixer included with this controller
  • Plastic play and pause buttons


In this lineup, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 is a great option for better creativity by both beginners and expert DJs. The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 comes with a low price tag, making it a good second choice for those with a tight budget.

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