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It is not uncommon for DJs to have a lot of cables they need to carry around when going from one gig to the next. For their convenience, DJ cable bags were designed to carry all those cables in one single package.

In this review, we will take a look at some of the best DJ cable bags available to see what they have to offer. You will find that not all these bags are made equal, and each has its own set of features.

Read on to find out what these DJ cable bags have to offer to make life a bit more comfortable for the serious DJ.

Comparison Chart

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Trunab DJ Cable File Bag
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LoDrid Cable File Gig Bag
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Juselove DJ Cable File Bag

Best DJ Cable Bag Reviews

Large DJ Cable Bag From Snigjat

51LQGO 6YlL. SL500

With several years of successful gear manufacturing, this company has been trusted by many DJs out there to keep their equipment safe. Snigjat is known for producing reliable and versatile gear that makes the life of professionals and beginners more comfortable.


Snigjat is known not just for highly durable and strong professional storage and carry bags but also for affordability. This means that more people will be able to experience the versatility and useability of these DJ bags from Snigjat.

There are up to eight dividers included that can change the main compartment into smaller compartments for improved space management. This is great for when you need to separate your different cables and components for quick and easy access without wasting time.

For even more space, there are two large storage sleeves attached to the front for easy access to other equipment. Storage sleeves are also attached to both sides for objects you need to have quick access to without opening the main storage department.

This DJ cable bag is made from durable and strong fabric that will make it last for a very long time. Dual durable and high-quality zippers are attached to make them last just as long as the bag for a secure closure every time.

The rubberized base provides added protection for when you need to put the bag down on rough surfaces. With the adjustable strap and up to three carrying options, it will be easy to use this bag for better mobility and quick grab-and-go possibilities.

Without a reinforced bottom, the bag may sag a bit when the inserts are not used to divide the available space. This also means that there is no extra protection for valuable equipment you may want to store in the bag.

The fabric this DJ cable bag is made from doesn’t have an abrasive resistance feature to withstand rough handling. The problem with this is that even though it is made strong, the bag may not last as long as you want it to.


  • It comes with an affordable price tag attached
  • Many easy options for carrying the bag
  • Durable and strong construction
  • A design for better display


  • It doesn’t have a reinforced bottom
  • The fabric is not abrasive resistant

Trunab DJ Cable File Bag

51VqJ qrhfS. SL500

With many different types of well-designed carry bags from Trunab, there is a bag for every need and every desire. With this one at your disposal, the professional DJ will have no problem keeping gear and cables safe from accident or loss.


The fact that you can remove nearly half the dividers provides some flexibility in the main storage department for larger gear. What is great is that the permanent dividers will prevent the bag from sagging, even when it is empty.

Large front pockets provide a safe and secure closure with sturdy zippers to keep your gear protected from accidentally losing it. Side bags come with an easy flap closure option for quick access to those things you need to use urgently.

Zippered mesh pockets inside the lid of the bag provide added storage for the important gear you need quick access to. These added pockets increase the storage capacity of your DJ cable bag to provide enough space for all the items you need.

An anti-slip bottom helps to keep the cable secured in one place on many different types of slippery surfaces. To add to the convenience of this DJ cable bag, a comfortable shoulder carry strap is added for an easy carry option.

The reinforced padded handles provide you with an ergonomic carry option for a quick grab-and-go. With a trolley strap attached to the back, you can easily hook it onto your baggage while traveling.

Unfortunately, this DJ cable bag from Trunab is not available in more than one color, taking away some of the versatility. This means that those who prefer a color other than black will have to look elsewhere for one that suits their preferences. 

While some of the dividers are removable to make space for larger components, not all of them can be removed. This means that the main storage part can’t be increased to house anything that is larger than about half the overall size of the bag.


  • It comes with a sturdy filing system storage type
  • Dividers are padded for added protection
  • Strong zippers are included for improved durability
  • Permanent dividers will prevent the bag from sagging


  • It is only available in one color (black)
  • Not all the divisions in the main compartment are removable

LoDrid Cable File Gig Bag

51d5fFb8AfL. SL500

If you are looking for a DJ cable bag that comes with all the storage you need, this is the one to go for. It also comes loaded with features to make your life as a traveling DJ so much easier with added convenience.


With a myriad of storage pockets at their disposal, the traveling DJ will not run out of options any time soon. A range of very small to larger storage spaces provides a flexible storage management option for all of the gear you need to take with you.

A wooden pad is included in the bottom of this bag for added protection when you need to put the bag down. This allows added protection against the impact on the ground for gear that is stored in the main compartment if you accidentally drop the bag.

Removable dividers allow extra space in the main storage compartment for the larger gear you may carry. There are also zippers added to these dividers to provide extra secure storage options for smaller items while it also increases storage options.

Extra storage is added to the front of the bag with a large variety of storage bags and sleeves for all your gear and cables. They are secured with a zippered closure to prevent accidental loss of your valuables.

A shoulder strap adds some comfort and easy carry options while you travel to and from gigs. Padded grips provide easy grab-and-go carry capability when you are in a hurry.

The bag comes with plenty of zippers for secure closure and protection of your gear. However, they are not made to last for that long. This means that at some point if you are not careful, they may fail and leave you with open storage compartments.

This may not be that much of an issue, but these DJ bags from LoDrid are only available in one size. So if you need something bigger or smaller, you will have to look for another option for your traveling gigs.


  • Lots of storage space available
  • Many added storage sleeves for space management
  • Easy access to the main storage compartment
  • Scratch-resistant fabric is used for added durability


  • The zippers are not of the best quality
  • It is only available in one size

DJ Cable Bag From MyBagZing

51mt3Q6NpwL. SL500

This is an ideal choice for improved visibility inside the bag for DJs who, most of the time, work in the dark. It comes with durability and versatility needed for those DJs who have a lot of things they need to take with them to different gigs.


The lining inside this DJ cable bag is available in three different neon colors, so you can easily see what’s going on inside the bag. With the different colors available, it provides a little bit of variation for those who need a choice of color for their cable bag.

With many years of experience, you can expect the best quality and craftsmanship from this DJ cable bag from MyBagZing. That is what you get with the durable and very strong fabric used in the design and construction of this bag.

To add to the durability and overall value for your money, the zippers are made to last for a very long time. The zippers are also made to match the colors of the internal lining to add some aesthetic value to the DJ cable bag.

For better protection of valuable electronics, the internal lining and other large storage sleeves come with foam padding inserted. The entire bag is also made from rip-resistant materials to add value and durability while increasing the lifespan of your DJ bag.

The overall design and versatility of this DJ cable bag make it an excellent choice for the professional and the beginner DJ alike.

What is not great about this DJ cable bag is that it is not waterproof or even fluid-resistant. That means if you encounter rain, even very light, it may cause damage to valuable equipment inside the bag.

While it does come with decent side pockets, one of them is not very large and can hold only small items or a bottle. This may not be that much of an issue with all the other pockets at your disposal, but still, it takes away some storage options.


  • Different color linings are available
  • The lining is foam padded for added protection
  • Lots of extra storage options are available
  • It has a lightweight but sturdy construction


  • This DJ cable bag is not waterproof
  • Side pockets are not very large

JuseLove DJ Cable File Bag

51A9yo1fl4L. SL500

Everything the professional traveling DJ needs to keep their cables and gear safe is included with this carry bag. It comes with all the craftsmanship you can expect from this professionally manufactured carry bag for DJs from around the world.


With very strong and durable fabric and construction, this bag is made to last for a long time and many hours of travel. This means that you don’t need to spend money on a new bag any time soon so it won’t make a large dent in your budget.

Speaking of a lot of storage capability, this bag comes loaded with many different manageable sleeves and pockets. This means that you can keep all those small pieces of equipment, cables, and connectors safe and secure while traveling to gigs.

What is just as great is the quick and easy access you have to everything stored inside the bag. That is because of the smooth gliding and very strong metal zippers that are included with this DJ cable bag from JuseLove.

For easily customizable space, four of the dividers can be removed to enlarge some of the main storage compartments. This is great for when you need to carry some medium-size equipment along with you to the next gig.

For greater comfort, the carry handles of this DJ cable bag are reinforced to make it easier to lift. If it gets too heavy at some point, you can easily attach the shoulder strap and be on the go with ease.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to safely transport or store devices such as your laptop and other electronics securely in this bag. That is because there is no protection included in the lining or any of the sleeves to keep it safe from accidental damage.

Even though you have many storage compartments, the main space is not big enough for carrying larger gear. This means if you need to carry more hardware or larger gear with you than anticipated, you will need an extra bag to transport it.


  • Many small storage sleeves and compartments included
  • A durable and strong construction
  • Easy access to all the storage compartments
  • Strong and sturdy straps and handles


  • Too small overall main storage space
  • No padded protection was added for sensitive electronic devices


The LoDrid DJ cable bag is our number one option with the added protection it provides for sensitive electronic devices and the many storage spaces. In second place, we have the more affordable DJ bag from Snigjat with all the space needed for traveling DJs working with a tight budget.

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