5 Best DJ Controllers for Virtual DJ

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With Virtual DJ being one of the most popular DJ software, it is no wonder many brands make their devices compatible with it. But with so many to choose from, which one is the best DJ controller to be used with this popular software? Let’s find out.

We will look closely at the best DJ controllers on the compatible marketplace, especially with Virtual DJ. We will also investigate which one offers the best quality output in conjunction with this free DJ App.

Read on and find out for yourself which one of our top picks will be the best for your personal needs.

Comparison Chart

41X6+AzXDoL. SL160
Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 2-deck Serato DJ Controller
51EW2evvdWL. SL500
Denon DJ PRIME 4
51zGToWv6jL. SL500
Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 – 4-deck
51+UNcHJYYL. SL500
Gemini Sound G2V Professional Audio Interface 4-Channel
Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300

Best DJ Controllers for Virtual DJ Reviews

Pioneer Dj DDJ-Rev7 2–Deck DJ Controller

41X6+AzXDoL. SL500

Pioneer has been in the DJ controller business for many years, so they bring a lot of experience to the table. This is no exception with the DJ DDJ series of DJ controllers, especially the Rev7, with all the great features.


With the full-size jog wheels you get with the Rev7. You still get that special platter to feel DJs are so fond of. With the large size of the wheels and strong motors to turn them, all types of DJs will feel at home with this controller from Pioneer.

With the large and clear LCD on the jog wheels, you easily get to all the features on the go during busy DJing. It is also clear enough so you can keep a close eye on your tracks at a glance without missing out.

You have up to four original scratch samples that can be quickly triggered via the easy-to-use hardware buttons included. Because this is built into the hardware, you can trigger them even if you are not connected to the laptop.

This is a complete package with many great features added to this DJ controller, such as a range of echos and two decks. Additionally, you also have the Magvel Fader Pro included so you can scratch freely, completing this versatile controller. 

You can not go wrong with the Rev7 if you want a controller with everything you need for a perfect gig.

This DJ controller might be considered a mid-size option, but it is a bit on the heavy side, making it difficult to carry. This might not be that good for the nomad DJs out there who need to have something lightweight to carry from gig to gig.

You also don’t get a dust cover with this DSJ controller to keep it protected when stored and not in use. This is not good. You need to have some way to protect your gear from dust and other particles in the air.


  • It comes with full-size jog wheels
  • You have a large and clear LCD
  • Top-quality sound output
  • Very easy to set it up and operate


  • The controller is quite heavy
  • You don’t get a dust cover

Denon DJ Prime 4 4-Deck Standalone DJ Controller

51EW2evvdWL. SL500

If you are looking for a DJ controller that can be used by professionals and beginners alike, you found it in this one. The Prime 4 from Denon comes with everything included to make your DJ life so much easier and more fun.


You don’t need to connect this DJ controller to a laptop, making it much easier to use and operate. What is great is that it has its own built-in processing unit to make it much faster than most mixers.

With this DJ controller, you can give your creativity free reign with the two separate FX sections you have. It will even be better with the many extra performance modes that come included with this DJ controller from Denon.

A durable and robust large touch screen provides you with quick and easy access to all the available features of the Prime 4. With the XLR zone output option at your disposal, you can play your music in two different rooms simultaneously.

The SATA drive bay allows you to easily add to your library for instant access and use it when needed. This controller is seamlessly compatible with most file types and video codecs, making it very easy to use for various DJ applications.

With all the many features you get with the Denon DJ Prime 4, you can improve your DJing skills.

Even though it is easy to operate, the large size will make it a bit difficult for beginners to get used to it. With much real estate to cover, it will take even an experienced DJ time to get used to the many controls.

With the high price tag that comes with it, you will pay for all the extras and the many built-in features. The problem is that many newbies work with a tight budget so they won’t be able to pay the steep price.


  • No PC or laptop needed to operate
  • Easy to access features with a large touchscreen
  • You have quick and stable connectivity options
  • Many great features included


  • It is quite large and cumbersome
  • This controller comes with a steep price tag attached

Pioneer Dj DDJ-1000 4-Deck DJ Controller

51zGToWv6jL. SL500

As it is with all DJ controllers from Pioneer, you get a professional layout which makes it a good option for parties and other events. It has a solid and durable feel with easy access to all the features so that you can focus on your DJ skills.


What is great about this DJ controller from Pioneer is that it is compatible with different types of DJ apps and software. This versatility will make it easier to be used by those who are used to different software than what comes with the controller.

With an aluminum and acrylic finish top panel, you have overall durability and very sturdy construction you can rely on. The overall design and build of the DDJ-1000 will make this controller last for many hours of DJing.

Four decks provide you with versatility, making it perfect for a range of DJ applications without too much hassle. You are also well-connected with up to four connection options to provide ultimate flexibility for your gigs.

The easy-to-use full-sized jogs are great for those DJs who still want to have that platter feel while DJing. It is also compatible with all major operating systems to add to the overall versatility and mobility of the controller.

You can use this DJ controller for different gigs and events with many main features. The overall durability and the club layout make the DDJ-1000 a great choice for expert and entry-level DJs.

This is not that big an issue, but you will need to connect this controller to a laptop to operate it. This is not like the Denon Prime 4, but it still would be great to have a standalone of this caliber.

Setting it up and operating it will take some time to get used to for those who have little previous experience. This may also cause those newbies who are not tech-savvy to go for something easier and less complicated.


  • Easy to use jog wheels with clear display
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Good quality sound card included
  • A lot of connection options are available


  • You need a laptop to operate it
  • Not easy to set it up and use

Gemini Sound G2V Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller

51+UNcHJYYL. SL500

With all the necessary features included, you can start your DJing out of the box without too much hassle. The G2V DJ controller from Gemini is made with functionality and affordability, making it a perfect option for all levels of DJs.


You have two physical decks at your disposal, which allows control for up to four virtual decks for better flexibility. This is great when you need to use the controller at different locations and you want it to be mobile to tag along to gigs.

The hotkeys allocated for hot cues on each channel give you a bit more flexibility for different types of DJing applications. You also have 3-band EQ, gain, and filter controls for each channel to provide great creativity options.

All controls are backlit so that you can easily access all the features provided by the G2V controller. This means you have proper visual feedback to make it easier for you when you need speed and control.

To get the most out of all your mixes, you have dedicated output controls for all the connections available on the mixer. While it comes with Traktor mapping options, it is also compatible with other DJ software, especially with the Virtual DJ App.

This small, well-designed, and specified DJ controller is a great option for those who need mobility. It is also lightweight but comes with a decent construction to make it last for some time.

The control knobs of the DJ controller are a bit flimsy when you touch it, which may cause you to be overly cautious when using it. This is not good; it feels like it will not last as long as you want it to last.

The finish around the edges is not very well done and gives the device a bit of a budget look and feel. The overall sound output is not bad, but the higher sounds lack some performance which can be a drawback.


  • This is a complete package for beginners and experts
  • It is easy to operate
  • Lightweight but durable construction
  • It comes with a decent price tag attached


  • The controls of the mixer are a bit flimsy
  • It is not well-finished around the edges

Hercules Inpulse 300 2-Channel DJ Controller

For those beginners out there who need a DJ controller so they can get started without too much hassle, this is a great option. It comes as a complete package. You just need to hook it up and let the creative juices flow.


This is a great option with the large jog wheels and eight different modes to get your mixing skills up to scratch. With the professional controllers included, it will help to bring your effects on par to improve your DJing skills quickly.

The Beatmatch guide can be activated to make it easier to learn how to make your mixes. This can be done by simply following the Tempo arrows so you can adjust the BPM of each track for easy learning options.

You can also have the best suggestions while learning by activating the Intelligent Music Assistant to make it a bit easier for the complete beginner. Incorporated into the DJUCED software, you also have DJ Academy tutorials so you can learn the fundamentals while improving your DJing skills.

With the energy function included with the Inpulse 300 DJ controller, you can choose the mood of the party. This can be done by either choosing the red or the blue options so it can choose the best track for your mix.

For those who want to perfect their mixing skills, you have 16 pads added to this controller. This is the ideal DJ controller for those without prior DJing experience who want to learn the art.

With the jog wheels made from plastic, even though they are quite sturdy, you will always worry whether they will last long. This is not good for those needing something more solid while DJing.

Having all the basic features included is great for beginners, but you need those extras for advanced DJing. This DJ controller leaves you feeling that it is only meant to be used for entry-level performances.


  • It comes with a very low price point
  • Great for the beginner DJs
  • It is quite easy to use and operate
  • You have a lot of great features added 


  • The jogwheels are made of plastic
  • Not ideal for the professional DJs out there


A definite number one in this lineup is the Denon DJ Prime 4 with the smart DJ console that makes it a standalone station. In second place for the expert and beginner, we chose the more budget-friendly Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 for its great features and overall durability.

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