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DJ media players conveniently let you connect your mobile DJ setup to digital audio formats and playbacks. They are great for home DJ enthusiasts and professionals alike. If you’d like to get more control over your mixes and have better multimedia compatibility, here are five of the best DJ media players that will let you do that and more.

Comparison Chart

Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME
51l7MvnU6GL. SL500
Gemini Sound MDJ-600
513zWnvKgeL. SL500
Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Media Player
51qoE5VslcL. SL500
Numark NDX500
Pioneer CDJ-850-K

DJ Media Player Reviews

1. Denon DJ SC6000 


Denon DJ is known for its fantastic DJ controllers, mixers, standalone systems, and media players. In addition, the company also provides software applications for audio systems. A perfect example is its Denon DJ SC6000 standalone system. One machine that can hone your deejaying skills is the Denon DJ SC6000 standalone machine. Its mainstage player, wireless streaming, and media playback offer more than you can imagine. Here is more information about the features of this professional DJ media player. 


This standalone device will suit you if you’re a professional DJ who desires a machine that helps you visualize your music workflow. Thanks to its dedicated HD touchscreen, you can see all your music productions and what to play next. 

The wireless streaming feature in this device will blow your mind. You can unlock huge applications for home entertainment or clubbing. So, you can play your favorite music without downloading it to your computer or laptop. The company has collaborated with the best in wireless streaming like TIDAL, Beatsource Link, SoundCloud Go+, and more. 

You will love the jog wheel in this machine. Its 8.5-inch size lets you control the platter easily for better sound output and control of the music playlist. What’s more is that the hot cues and loops allow you to arrange the beats creatively, cleanly, and with ease. 

This machine is excellent for parties and clubs, thanks to the pro DJ light that makes your device stand out in the club. In addition, the StagelinQ connection enables you to play uncompressed audio. 

A rekordbox collection is always a plus in a standalone system. This machine has a rekordbox collection that assists organize your music and makes it easier to select specific folders or playlists. 

The dual playback capability aids in advancing your mixing abilities. Therefore, you may play the same music on the 2-in-1 deck and watch as the crowd dances to your tunes thanks to the cutting-edge routing software incorporated into this machine.

On the downside, some customers find this standalone machine very thick. It would be better if the machine were slim to make portability easier. In addition, an ultra-slim device looks better. 


  • Wireless streaming feature
  • HD display for visualizing your music
  • 8.5-inch platter for better control
  • Suitable for parties and clubs


  • Thick body

2. Gemini Sound MDJ-600 

51l7MvnU6GL. SL500

The company focuses on producing CD players, DJ mixers, and turntables. These products are suitable for musicians, people hosting events, and DJs. The Gemini Sound MDJ-600 mixer turntable is a machine that can buzz an event or party. This is possible through its performance platters, multimedia compatibility, and more. Here are the fantastic features this machine offers. 


This turntable will suit you whether you’re a beginner or a professional DJ. Beginners will find it easy to learn the programmable hot cues, the slip and scratch features, and the eight auto loops. This will give you complete control of whatever you want to play or listen to. 

The 24-bit/192kHz Sound card lets you utilize your mixing software to control all the songs in your playlist. In short, you’re the main boss when using this machine. 

You will know the next song on the cue, your song workflow, and more, thanks to the 4.3-inch color display. In addition, this display lets you customize your album cover to whatever you want. Thanks to this clear display, you can also see the active loops and the slip mode. 

Compatibility is what this mixer turntable offers. You can play MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AAC music formats. On top of that, this mixer turntable is V-case compatible. This means you can play your entire music folder from this machine. 

Every professional DJ desires a turntable that lets you connect different devices. This machine has a USB input port to plug in your flash drive and mix your beloved music playlist. 

This turntable is also highly portable. Thanks to its lightweight, compact form, you won’t feel it when traveling. The jog wheels can also be adjusted to provide the ideal resistance for music production. In addition, you may easily make different mixes with the two platter modes. 

However, this machine lacks a CD drive which means you cannot use it as a CD player. In addition, after-purchase customer care takes a long time to respond to the customers’ queries. 


  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Compatible with several MP3 formats
  • Extremely portable
  • Comes with an HD display


  • Has no CD drive

3. Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 

513zWnvKgeL. SL500

The CDJ-3000 is one of the new and advanced professional media players by Pioneer, made with the intent of producing the best-sounding media player. This media player is ideal if you want system stability and great sound quality. In addition, it features technical advances that work to bring you a smooth-running media player with great music performance. The CDJ-3000 is an improvement of the CDJ-2000 version, so if you were a proponent of the latter, you would love the advanced features of this model.


Among the digital features of the CDJ-3000 is the 9″ touchscreen display that gives you better control of your media player. It is large enough to allow you to control your music tracks at a glance. Additionally, compared to earlier versions, it is brighter, allowing you to take your DJing outdoors. The eight cue buttons are more solid and durable and are made to allow you to trigger them with ease when spinning.

Another winning feature is the jog wheel, designed to give you a smooth-running player. Unlike other jog wheels, this one has lower touch latency to give accurate results, especially when doing quick scratches. Additionally, it has a smooth tension adjustment feature that gives you quiet jog-wheel operation. Finally, the key sync and beat jump buttons allow you to manipulate your skills to deliver one of the greatest and most unique musical performances.

What’s more, is that this media player accommodates a variety of media formats. In addition, it features a cutting-edge microprocessor unit that is very responsive, especially when loading music from a USB drive. Also, it integrates seamlessly with rekordbox, a music management software that organizes imported music and makes it ready for use.

This DJ media player has a layout that is similar to earlier versions. So if you have been using pioneer DJ products, getting around this player is easy. However, it does not play CD drives. And thus, if you love playing records, this might be a great turn-off. Additionally, unlike earlier versions, this one lacks a start speed correction dial.


  • Cutting edge micro-processor
  • Large touch screen display
  • Eight cue buttons for better control
  • Smooth running jog wheel
  • Familiar layout


  • It does not support CD drives
  • No start speed adjustment button

4. Numark NDX500 

51qoE5VslcL. SL500

Another DJ medial player that is worth your attention is the Numark NDX500. It allows you to mix music from any audio source with high accuracy. Ideally, this is the best choice if you are looking for a versatile media player that allows you to get creative and add flair to your music.


One of the selling features of this media player is the advanced jog wheel. It is touch sensitive and delivers highly accurate performances like other jog wheels of comparable standards. Additionally, the adaptive platter feature automatically allows your jog wheel to adjust to the environmental conditions for optimal performance. So whether you are mixing indoors or outdoors, this media player allows you to scratch and backspin with high precision. Additionally, the start and stop time dial add flair to your scratching, especially when in vinyl mode.

Also, this player integrates seamlessly with Serato DJ to allow you to connect it with your Android, IOS, Mac, or PC. Additionally, with the USB audio feature, you can play back audio from your laptop. Regardless of the audio source, the control features ensure that you have better ownership of your track. Moreover, it comes with a backlit display that allows you to access all critical information about your track at a glance.

Another winning feature of NDX 500 is the control feature that allows you to maneuver with high skill and creativity. With the hot cues, you have instant access to the critical features of your track. And by manipulating the stutter start and looping section, you get seamless transitions and mixes. In addition, it comes with an auto BPM feature that counteracts tap tempo to allow you to mix with high precision.

The NDX 500 is one versatile DJ tool that doubles as a media player and a software controller. It features a comprehensive build that allows you to play music from any digital source. The control features work seamlessly with CDs, MP3, and USB flash drives. In addition, the MIDI integration feature allows you to do so with various audio software. So if you are looking for one versatile media player that allows you to play all your digital files, this is it.

You should note that the NDX500 does not play music in .WAV or .AIFF media formats. In addition, when this media player goes off, it resets to the default setting, so you will have to set it again when you start playing.


  • Versatile media player
  • Accurate jog wheels
  • Integrated with Serato DJ
  • High manipulation control


  • It does not support WAV and AIFF media formats

5. Pioneer CDJ-850-K 

With many years of producing quality audio and live music products, Pioneer brings you one of the best mixing experiences in the CDJ-850-K. For new DJs looking for creativity and great performance, this is it. This product has enhanced mixing capabilities, good sound quality, and a music-sharing platform.


If you are looking for a mixer that allows you to play music in various formats, then the CDJ-850-K can be what you are looking for. It can play music on CDs and USBs. In addition, it accommodates playback of AAC, MP3, AIFF, and .WAV file format. Ideally, this media player is perfect for any musical performance that features a variety of media formats played in today’s world. The USB port is on the top of the mixer for easy connection with the storage device of your choice.

Another unique feature of this CDJ-850 is the rekordbox software. This is a music management software that analyzes and organizes your music directory. Every time you import new music, this software will organize and prepare it for use in your CDJ-850. Additionally, this mixer features a professional layout that gives you precise control of your music performance. Finally, Pioneer has put a lot of details into the hardware to ensure that the mixer is easy to operate. This is by incorporating the 206mm jog dial, browse buttons, and a rotary selector.

The CDJ-850 features a pro-series version of advanced media that accommodates a variety of DJs. Regardless of the music format, this media player allows you to be creative and deliver a live musical performance. It incorporates advanced mixing features that allow you to play music with great sound quality. In addition, it allows you to share some of your best pieces with friends and family.

It features a pressure-sensitive jog wheel to accommodate fast scratching in vinyl mode. In addition to the USB port and RCA output, you can connect the CDJ-850 with a DJ program of your choice. In addition, it integrates well with Serato and is very responsive, especially when playing music from the USB port. However, one limitation of this media player is that it lacks a full-colored display, unlike other DJ media players.


  • Plays music in various media formats
  • Music management software
  • Great USB port location for easy connection
  • Excellent control features
  • Integrates well with Serato


  • It lacks a full-colored display

Final Verdict

If you want the best quality and are not afraid to spend more on high-quality products, then you should get the Denon DJ SC6000. It has the best features and offers a lot of features that rival DJ controllers. The Gemini Sound MDJ-600 is your ideal choice if you are on a budget. It’s way cheaper and still packs multiple features that give you value for money. 

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