5 Best DJ Tables

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DJ tables are an important piece of equipment for any DJ. They provide a place to set your laptop or controller, and they also help to keep your gear organized and in one place. Unfortunately, there are different DJ tables on the market, so deciding which one is right for you is quite a hassle.

In this post, we will compare the best DJ tables and help you choose the right one for your needs! Keep reading to learn more and make the right choice as you venture on your musical journey.

Comparison Chart

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Quik-Lok DJ Table and Mixer Stand Equipment
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DEEJAYLED TBH Flight CASE Universal FOLD Out DJ Table
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Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table
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AxcessAbles Portable Folding DJ Facade Table
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ADJ PRO Event Table II Mixer Stand

DJ Table Reviews

Quik-Lok DJ Table

41F9 cwH3CL. SL500

The Quik-Lok DJ Table is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable yet high-quality table. This table is not just stable but also very durable and will last a long time. It also features a smooth finish that looks great and protects against scratches. 


The Quik-Lok DJ233 DJ Table is the perfect addition to any performer’s arsenal. Its adjustable height and sturdy construction make it a versatile and reliable workstation, while its ample platform provides plenty of room for all your music gear. Best of all, it folds flat for easy transport and storage. 

No matter what your gig entails, the Quik-Lok DJ233 has you covered. Its four adjustable height positions ensure you’ll be comfortable no matter how long you perform. At the same time, its 200lb weight capacity guarantees that your expensive gear is not just safe and secure but also very lightweight to carry around with you. So, whether you’re playing a lengthy set or mixing on the fly, this table has the strength and stability to keep up with you. 

When the gig or the show is over, simply fold the DJ233 flat and stow it away until next time. With its convenient folding design and built-in carry handle, this table is easy to take wherever you go. The limited three-year warranty means it is reliable, and if you’re not satisfied and can return it. The table measures 43 x 29 x 6 inches, so it’s not too big or too small and will fit perfectly in any car. 

More importantly, all your gear will likely fit on this table without any problem. The only downside of this table is that it might be too small for users with a bigger mixer and other components. But, overall, this table is the perfect solution for any performer who wants reliable gear that won’t break the bank. So why wait? Pick up a Quik-Lok DJ233 today!


  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • Durable construction
  • Features four adjustable height positions
  • Reasonably priced 


  • It might be too small for some users


41mGmgNA5KL. SL500

Here comes another ideal DJ table on the market in our list. It is made with a high-quality construction that makes it sturdy and durable. The table has a black powder coating that gives it a professional look. It also has an adjustable height so that you can use it for different events without any problem. The zipper closure mechanism makes it easy to transport and store.


Introducing the TBH Flight CASE DJ Table – a professional-grade DJ table perfect for mobile DJs and performance venues alike. This tough and durable table features a heavy-duty aluminum frame with impact-resistant corners. This makes it perfect for withstanding the rigors of transport and setup, while the black powder-coated finish gives it a sleek, professional look that goes well with any stage. 

TBH also features a zipped closure system that makes it easy to transport and store. Zip up the case, and you’re good to go. This should take you the minimum time possible when in a hurry or during emergencies. To add more to the transportation convenience, the table comes with an ATA-300 style case which is ideal for safe travels.

At the bottom, the table features a stacking dimple which contributes to stability when multiple tables are used together. This is an excellent feature if you plan on using this table for gigs or other events where multiple tables might be needed. The TBH Flight CASE DJ Table also comes with an adjustable height mechanism that allows you to use it for different purposes and heights that you’re comfortable with. So whether you’re looking for a table for your mobile DJ setup or a performance venue, this table has you covered. 

The product weighs around 23.7 pounds and measures 37.82 x 22.26 x 4.73 inches, making it the perfect size for most users. The only downsides of this product are that it is a bit expensive and the height adjustment mechanism could be better. But overall, this is a great table perfect for mobile DJs and performance venues.


  • Durable construction
  • Features an adjustable height mechanism
  • It comes with a zipped closure system
  • Ideal for transport and storage
  • Highly quality and smooth finish


  • Expensive

Odyssey CTBC2060 DJ Table

31UVMcopTCL. SL500

The Odyssey CTBC2060 is a carpeted folding DJ table that suits both starter and professional DJs. It features an adjustable leg system that allows you to use it for different purposes and heights. This stylish and sturdy table provides a clean and spacious work surface, while the folding leg system makes it easy to transport and set up. The best part is that it comes with a one-year warranty.


The Odyssey CTBC2060 is the perfect addition to any serious DJ’s toolkit. There is much to like about this table, from the carpeted surface to the adjustable leg system. So let’s get deep into the features that make it an ideal DJ table for starters and professionals. 

The table offers a sturdy and clean-looking work surface, ensuring it efficiently blends with different decor. More so, the adjustability of the legs is a very thoughtful feature as it allows for use in different settings and venues. In addition, the folding leg system is height-adjustable from 26 to 38 inches. This means that even when the stage is too high for you, comfort is served and you don’t strain. 

The beauty of the Odyssey CTBC2060 is that it is super easy to transport from one place to another. This is attributed to its folding leg system, which makes setup and breakdown a breeze. You no longer have to worry about those big and bulky tables; the Odyssey CTBC2060 has got you sorted. 

As if that’s not all, the table comes with pre-tapped port holes that enable the user to route cables neatly without hanging them all over. This is a great safety feature as it prevents trips and falls. The table measures 60 inches wide and 20 inches deep and features a strap handle that makes it easy for you to carry. It comes in black with a trim, making it look professional and sleek. 

One downside of the table is that it does not come with a carrying case. Moreover, some users with heavier mixer setups have complained that the table is not as stable as they would want it to be. Nevertheless, this should not be a deal breaker as the pros of the table far outweigh the cons. 


  • Carpeted surface
  • Adjustable leg system
  • Folding leg system
  • Pre-tapped port holes
  • Top quality and durability


  • No carrying case

AxcessAbles DJ Facade Table

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This is another excellent piece of equipment for any DJ looking to create a mobile recording studio or standing DJ booth. The table top is 40″ wide by 20″ deep, providing plenty of space for a laptop, DJ controllers, or a recording mixer. Additionally, the table features two black scrims that can be used to conceal your equipment or create a custom look for your booth. The table also includes two carry cases, making it easy to transport and set up your booth wherever needed.


This DJ table goes far and beyond when it comes to design and practicality. It’s an excellent choice for any mobile recording studio or standing DJ booth, providing plenty of space. 

The AxcessAbles DJ table promises durability since it is made of heavy-duty materials for both frames and tabletop. The lightweight steel alloy makes it easy to carry around and can withstand multiple assemblages. The black powder-coated finish gives it a sleek and professional look that will impress your clients. It also has a unique design that allows for easy setup and breakdown, which is great if you’re constantly on the go. This particular model is also very versatile because it can be used as a laptop stand, mixer stand, or controller stand. 

The Velcro tape linings that run through the clothing edges and steel frames make it easy to install scrims and tarps. When not in use, the scrims can be used to give your booth a more polished look. 

Let’s talk about the dual cable slot spaces available on each side of the table. This is great if you want to keep your cords organized and tidy. The slots are also angled so you can easily see and access your cables when needed. Touching on color, the AxcessAbles DJ table comes in black and white scrims, which are great neutral colors that will create a lively event while not being too overbearing. 

Even though this table is packed with so many great features, there is one thing that we think could be improved. The provided carrying bag is thin and not ideal for the long run. It would therefore take a lot of caution when packing or unpacking to avoid tearing it up. 


  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Unique design
  • Dual cable slot spaces
  • Angled slots for easy access


  • Carrying bag not ideal for long-term use


4184O7LJ9lL. SL500

Are you looking for a versatile piece of equipment to help with your next event? Then take a look at this ADJ PRO Table II. This stand is perfect for DJs, bands, and other performers who need a sturdy surface to set up their equipment. It has excellent features that will make your life easier, including sturdy construction, an adjustable height, and a convenient carrying case.


The list couldn’t have been complete without this DJ table. The ADJ Pro is a favorite among many professionals because it has features that make life easier. The construction is solid and sturdy, meaning your equipment will be safe and secure on this table. There is a lesser chance that it will tip over or collapse, which is always a risk when using lighter and less stable materials. 

Additionally, the height is adjustable to customize it to your needs. This is perfect if you’re performing in a small space and need to be able to see over your equipment. Since it weighs around 40 pounds, the table is also easy to transport from one occasion to the next. One feature that makes this table stand out among the rest is the front board space measuring 25″ x 22.5″ which allows you to add your custom graphic. This means you can brand your table to match your company’s image and make it more recognizable. 

The table’s dimensions are also impressive; measuring 50″ x 24″ x 45.5″ makes it large enough to accommodate all your equipment without being too bulky or difficult to move around. 

One downside of this table is that it doesn’t come with a carrying bag, so you’ll need to purchase one separately if you want to be able to transport it easily. Additionally, it’s open, so you’ll have to find a way to organize and hide your cables. 


  • Stable construction
  • Adjustable height
  • Large work surface
  • Customizable graphics
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • No carrying case included
  • Cables need to be organized


Now that you’ve read the review of the top five DJ tables in the market, you should know which DJ table is the best for your needs. However, there are some factors that you should keep in mind when making your decision. These are size, weight, portability, and price. With these factors in mind, we hope that you’ll be able to find the best DJ table for your next event!

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