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DJing has dominated the music industry with many concerts and performances nowadays seeking DJ services to mix the music and create special sound effects. Getting a good DJ turntable is one thing no DJ should compromise. When buying a DJ turntable, you should get a heavy one with high torque.

This allows you to quickly resume scratching and beat-matching when you let go of the platter and also ensures the needle doesn’t jump or move out of position in high bass environments. We took the liberty of doing the research for you and have compiled five of the most affordable DJ turntables that will have you scratching hip-hop and mixing R&B beats to the rhythm of your revelers.

Read on for the top choices available in the market today to see what they have to offer you and which one is best for your needs.

Comparison Chart

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Reloop 8000 MK2 Upper Torque Hybrid Turntable
51evWGq+JTL. SL500
Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Professional Turntable
41AvbKpGXJL. SL500
Audio-Technica DJ Turntable
41w6P1SA5kL. SL500
Numark PT01 DJ Turntable
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DJ Turntable Reviews

1. Reloop RP- 8000 MK2 Turntable

41IWlqVROJL. SL500

Designed in close collaboration with renowned musicians, the RP-800 represents one of the smoothest turntables that gives you a balance of professional and digital features. It incorporates classical DJing with smart technology to create a tool that accommodates turntablists across different generations.


The RP-8000 features one of the most innovative and advanced DJing tools built with precision to give you great audio quality and long-lasting service. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with DJ proSerato, allowing you to control up to seven color-coded performance modes. Additionally, the platter play mode allows you to manipulate the rotation speed of the platter to produce unique melodies that enhance musical performances.

Another excellent feature of this turntable is the LCD, which allows you to control your skills better. It shows you BPM, pitch, scales, deck assignment, elapsed/remaining track time, and firmware settings. Additionally, this model features cutting-edge technology that integrates seamlessly with every MIDI-compatible software. So whether you are using an Android, IOS, Mac, or PC, this tool allows you to own your talent.

Also, this turntable comes with great hardware designed to give you a smooth-running table. It features an S-shaped tone arm that incorporates a hydraulic lift and an anti-slide mechanism for good balancing. Additionally, it has a fine-tuned motor integrated with a digital pitch correction mechanism that allows you to adjust the pitch of your music from 2.8kg/cm to 4.8kg/cm.

This turntable also features a strong and heavy housing reinforced with metal and rubber to give you a tool resistant to vibration from heavy bass music. Additionally, it comes with a recessed panel at the back for easy mounting and positioning with DJ tools. Lastly, this turntable gives you the luxury of switching from DVS to vinyl by allowing you to connect to two mixers simultaneously.

However, if you buy this turntable, it is important to note that the Serato function only integrates with Serato Pro. And thus, you will have to pay a monthly subscription for this upgrade.


  • Heavy and reinforced housing for vibration damping
  • Integrates with MIDI software
  • Good hardware for smooth running
  • Great melodies and live musical performance


  • Monthly subscription for Serato pro function

2. Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Turntable

51evWGq+JTL. SL500

With 50 years of experience making high-end turntables, Pioneer brings a reborn classic DJing tool with digital features to give you a high-functioning deck. This one’s for you if you’re looking for a professional turntable with great audio quality and excellent vibration resistance.


In building this turntable, Pioneer mixes a traditional layout and cutting-edge technology to bring you a high-functioning model with a familiar layout. One unique feature of this turntable is the high-torque drive system designed to give you better control and stable rotation. Moreover, it features a starting torque of 4.5kg/cm, allowing you to achieve an rpm of 33 ⅓ in 0.3 seconds.

This turntable features a heavily reinforced chassis that gives you great vibration dampening for better sound quality. The die-cast zinc housing is reinforced with thick resin and vibration damping material on the lower part. Additionally, the arm is insulated with rubber to counter the howling effect. The insulator also has rubber and spring dampening to counter external vibrations. The result is an ultra-precise high-quality sound void of any vibration and resonance.

Furthermore, multi-tempo pace control allows you to instantly adjust the pace of your track to ±8%, ±16%, or ±50%, and with a simple button, you can easily reset it to ±0%. The pro-graded jacks counteract any impedance and thus add to the sound quality. This model has detachable power and audio cables to give you flexible connectivity. And thus, you can match up your PLX-1000 with a great cartridge stylus to get one of the great DJing sets up that gives you amazing sound quality.


  • Three tempo ranges
  • Stable design
  • Low noise
  • High-quality playback


  • Quality issues with the arm 

3. Audio-Technica DJ Turntable

41AvbKpGXJL. SL500

Just as the name indicates, Audio-Technica is a company renowned for designing, manufacturing, and distributing prime-rated audio equipment. The brand boasts of its ability to identify a problem in the audio world and produce a piece of equipment that solves it. The Audio-Technica-AT professional DJ turntable is a perfect example. Here are the features of this turntable by Audio-Technica.


A professional DJ may need to move from one event to another and carry their equipment. This turntable’s design makes it highly portable, which is a plus. Additionally, because of its construction, it is appropriate for both tour events and nightclubs.

The phono preamp in this turntable makes it convenient when you want to convert your vinyl record to play in the audio system. So, if you have old-school vinyl that your audience wants, bring this turntable with you and make their wishes come true. 

When mixing songs, you connect to different audio systems. These connections can cause vibrations. The good news is that this device has a professional anti-resonance that eliminates the static noise brought on by touching the cords.

A slip mat is an excellent addition for better sound output. This is something that comes with this turntable. The DJ-style slip mat enables you to produce better music when scratching. In addition, your audience will experience better vinyl records with this mat. 

Moreover, this machine comes with an anti-skate. An anti-skate is an essential feature for any turntable. It helps balance volume between the right to the left channel and reduces record wear and distortion. In short, with an anti-skate, you have optimized and improved sound, especially during playback. 

The most recommended turntables for vinyl lovers are manual ones. The good news is that this machine is entirely manual, which means you can get the best possible performance from this device. On top of that, you can switch between 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds. 

This product has its limits. Although this turntable is great for DJs who love scratching, it is unsuitable for pitch blending. 


  • Phono preamp for vinyl records
  • Highly portable
  • Slip mat for better sound output
  • Professional anti-resonance for reduced vibrations


  • Not suitable for pitch blending

4. Numark PT01 DJ Turntable

41w6P1SA5kL. SL500

Numark is known for its quality speakers, turntables, and mixers and is considered one of the best in the industry. The Numark PT01 Scratch is no different. It comes with a remarkable built-in speaker that will surpass your expectations. In terms of specifications, it weighs 4.4 pounds and has dimensions of 11.8 x 11.8 x 4 inches. When you purchase it, you get PT01 scratch, a user guide, a software download card, a power adapter, a USB cable, and a safety and warranty manual.


The Numark PT01 is usable anywhere; it can be plugged into a wall outlet using the AC adapter featured in the box. If you can’t find a wall outlet, don’t worry; you can also use batteries to power it. The scratching switch can be adjusted and replaced. Whether left-handed or right-handed, you can switch to the side you prefer. All the connections you might need are also available to you. For example, you can connect any audio source to the 1/8″ stereo input. The RCA stereo outputs are also available if you want to connect to other equipment. If you want to practice, the headphone output might come in handy.    

Since you can use it anywhere, it only makes sense that it is also durable and tough enough to withstand travel. The Numark PT01 comes in a hard case which is its permanent home. When you lock it up from the top, all the functions are safe as you move around. The turntable is also relatively light; it can fit on your back and won’t weigh you down as you walk around. However, one slight issue you might run into is the latch; because it is small, it can break if you are not careful.

Having a built-in USB interface is another handy feature of this great turntable. Using an EZ vinyl converter, a free downloadable software, you can connect your computer to your turntable allowing you to record your vinyl digitally. The sounds are rich, dynamic, and professional; the robust design and portability quickly make this turntable a viable option if you are looking to get one. 


  • Pitch control works very well
  • It can be carried around and plugged in anywhere
  • USB for recording vinyl
  • Convenient internal speakers that produce good quality sound
  • You can easily modify the parts


  • The tiny latch is prone to breaking

5. Denon DJ Professional Turntable

417TkgQKrHL. SL500

Denon DJ is a company known for making some of the best audio equipment in the market. Examples of machines made by Denon DJ include standalone systems, DJ controllers, turntables, and media players. One of their excellent devices is the Denon DJ VL12 Prime professional turntable. Here is an insight into some of this product’s impressive features. 


When playing music connected to your audio system, vibrations are unavoidable. The good thing about this turntable is that it comes with isolation feet. These feet eliminate the undesired vibrations that can make the machine fall. 

On top of that, this machine comes with an isolated motor design that improves the sound output quality. The isolated motor design makes this possible by canceling the noise caused by cables coming in contact.

This turntable’s high and low torque motor settings give the platter the authority to handle even the most difficult passages for better bass control.

The shape of the tonearm in this turntable improves the record spinning. This is thanks to its S- shape, which is also adjustable from 8% to 50% range. 

If you’re looking for a durable turntable that performs like the best in the market, this product will suit your needs. Thanks to its all-metal tone, which is rugged, it can stand the deejaying action while still performing at its best. This also goes for its brushed metal controls. 

Parties and events require bright lights from everywhere. This turntable comes with a built-in RBG lightning platter that adds to the fun in the club. You can choose different colors for your platter and control the colors’ brightness. But, of course, you wouldn’t want to spoil the fun with excess lighting. 

What’s more, the phono-level output switch lets you adjust the appropriate equalization of your turntable’s current setup. It is also possible to connect your record player and the amplifier thanks to the RCA cable connection to the phone-level output. 

However, this turntable lacks a protective lid to keep layers of dust from building up on the record player. Since a cover is essential to any turntable, you will have to purchase it separately. 


  • Isolation feet for reduced vibrations
  • Isolated motor design for improved sound output quality
  • S-shaped tone arm for accurate record spinning
  • Built-in RGB lighting for colorful events


  • Lacks cover or lid 

Final Verdict

The Numark DJ turntable is the best option if you are looking for a cheap deck that offers excellent value for money. Denon, Audio-Technica, and Pioneer are mid-range turntables with more features than the Numark deck. However, for those who want to go all the way and don’t mind paying extra for the best features, the Reloop 8000 turntable is the best choice. 

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