How To Choose DJ Headphones

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A good pair of headphones is a must-have for every DJ. Not only do they produce ambient sound, but they also cancel the background noise from fans in the background. Quality headphones enable a DJ to maintain focus even in a loud environment. Moreover, a proper pair of DJ headphones maintain the sound quality of any music played. Therefore, all DJs should go for premium headphones.

Although high-end headphones are expensive, they guarantee durability and an amazing experience. Furthermore, cheap can be expensive in the long run as cheap headphones will need replacement now and then. Therefore, you will spend more money on new headphones every time. Additionally, the music’s audio quality is affected, compromising your work quality. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right headphones.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best DJ Headphones

There are many types of headphones available in today’s market. Therefore, getting a pair that suits your specific needs and preference is quite easy. However, here are some key elements to consider in your hunt for the ideal headphones.


Comfortability is one of the most important features to look for in headphones. This is because you will have the headsets on for hours on end. Subsequently, a good pair of headphones should have ears with padding. Not only do headphones with ample padding keep your earpads secure, but decent padding is also crucial in protecting your ears from external noise. Therefore, the headphones should not be too tight. Headphones made with bulky material provide enough cushioning for your ears as you work.

Closed-Back Design

Closed-back headphones are ideal for canceling noise in busy events. Additionally, noise-isolating headphones are available in any price range. They are advantageous because they isolate ambient noise, so your headphone sound remains undistorted.

Moreover, noise-canceling headphones help ease fatigue caused by low-frequency noise during travel. On the contrary, open-back headphones don’t inhibit background noise. Therefore, it becomes hard to focus on the music you are creating due to the disturbance from the crowd.


Every DJ needs durable headphones for everyday use. Unfortunately, low-quality headphones can’t withstand constant movement and sweat. You should therefore purchase headsets that can bear up against wear and tear for a long time. On the other hand, cheap headphones will only serve you for a few gigs before they become dysfunctional. Additionally, headphones are costly, and replacing them frequently will make a dent in your pocket.

Sound Quality

There are different types of headphones for different sound pressure levels. Therefore, getting headphones that produce high-quality sound is crucial in the DJing career. The kind of response you are looking for in headphones will help you choose an ideal set, whether you prefer a high bass response or dynamic bass sounds.

You can ask a professional at the store to help you select the right set if you are unsure. Furthermore, the type of headphones you choose should be able to provide quality sound when you are in a noisy environment.


Like your phone or favorite pair of shoes, DJ headphones are special and personal. They represent who you are as a person. Subconsciously, the first thing people notice about a DJ is the headphones. Therefore, you should pick a pair in your favorite color and design. What’s more, a stylish pair of headphones gives your confidence a major boost.


You can only use one pair of headphones at a time. Moreover, having to change headphones in between gigs can be very frustrating. Therefore, you should purchase a set with all your desired specs. The right headphones should produce a wide frequency range of sound. In addition, you should be able to use the headphones for differences. Be it performing for a live audience, practicing your mixes, or DJing in a noisy environment.


When purchasing a pair of headsets, it is important to consider your budget. There are a variety of headphone options within every budget. However, it is important to buy what you can afford. If you can’t raise enough money for high-end headphones, you can get an inexpensive pair with good qualities as you save up for premium ones.

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Why are Premium Headphones Costly?

Premium headphones often have a hefty price compared to other headphones and here’s why:

  • Outstanding Quality and Excellent Functionality

Premium headphones are the best headphone option in the market. This is because the manufacturers of these headphones focus on quality rather than quantity. Furthermore, they must maintain the headsets’ quality since the consumers are loyal to the products. Therefore, DJs and sound producers will stick to brands that meet all their desired preferences.

  • Manufacturers Produce Them for Specific Buyers

Due to their expensive nature and unique designs, premium headphones are not for everyone. They are for professional DJs, music producers, audiophiles, and audio engineers. Unfortunately, this makes them too expensive for someone who needs them to listen to music from their phone or computer.

  • They Are Not Mass-Produced

The manufacturers of high-end headphones maximize on cost since the products don’t enjoy economies of scale. In short, the lower the production volumes, the higher the cost, and vice versa. However, a lot of people buy regular headphones. Therefore, their manufacturers generate profit within no time. On the other hand, premium headphones are produced in a few numbers. For that reason, they are expensive to cover the cost.

  • Professional Headphones Have a Higher Sound Fidelity

High-quality headphones produce accurate internal sounds that are loud, crisp, and can be easily heard even in large crowds or noisy environments. Have you ever wondered why the quality of music played in the club is so good? It is simply because the DJs use quality equipment like high-end headphones.

  • They Last Longer

Consumer-grade headphones are produced using methods that allow the manufacturers to maximize profit. They last for a few years, then become less effective. In the bargain, they are often outshined by new products in the market. On the other hand, premium headphones are designed to last for decades. Audiophile headphones can last for years while still maintaining their impeccable quality.

Are Audiophile Headphones Worth it?

Audiophile headphones are worth every penny. This is because they are of amazing quality and last for years. That way, they save you the cost of buying new headphones constantly. Not only do they withstand wear and tear, but they also ensure you have a smooth DJing experience.

With these headphones, you are guaranteed clearer sound, deeper bass, and well-balanced sound. In addition, they are versatile and can be used for various purposes, be it practice club performances or parties. Moreover, they play all types of music without distorting the sound.

Most headphones are extra padding to protect your ears from damage and enhance comfort. Although the hefty prices may require you to break the bank, premium headphones are worth the purchase. Many DJs save for years before they can afford high-end headphones.

They are definitely worth the wait. In addition, these headphones are made specifically for live performances and music artists and therefore have to be of the best quality. Simply put, audiophile headphones are what you need to improve your DJing experience.

In Conclusion

There are several factors you should put into consideration before purchasing headphones. They include your budget, comfort level, and the durability of the headsets. Furthermore, each DJ has a specific preference when it comes to headphones. Therefore, what works for one DJ may not work for another.

However, all DJs should purchase a pair of premium headphones as they improve one’s DJing experience. The high cost of audiophile headphones should not deter you from purchasing them, as their sound quality is unmatched. The purchase gives you value, as the headphones last for years.

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