How to Record on Virtual DJ

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It can be challenging to record a music mix and share it with others worldwide without the appropriate technology. However, you can achieve this by using Virtual DJ, which allows you to produce content that can help promote your brand and engage with your fan base. There are different steps you should take to record your online music mixes. Read on to learn how to record on Virtual DJ.

How to Record on Virtual DJ

First and foremost, you must download the Virtual DJ software and install it on your computer. Double-click the program’s icon to initialize it. When the interface opens, you can easily navigate it to choose what you want to do. For instance, with this program, you can either record audio or video. It is important to familiarize yourself with the interface first to make the recording process seamless and improve the audio output.

Select File Format

Use the dropdown menu on the VirtualDJ dashboard to select the format to record the file. Click the button on the right of the Filename Field, select “My Mix,” and then the format of the recorded file. The following are some of the file formats you can consider when recording music tracks or videos.

  • MP3 audio format: Record audio using the MP3 format, which sets the quality to MID (192 Kbs). You can also select a different quality option from the record quality found in advanced options within the group record: low=128Kbs, mid=192Kbs, high=320Kbs. This allows you to choose the best audio.
  • OGG is another alternative format you can consider because it offers better quality and its file size is smaller than MP3. The quality is set by default to 160 Kbs, but you also have the option to select your record quality from Advanced Options with audio signals that include record low=112Kbs, mid=160Kbs, high=192Kbs.
  • FLAC is a record audio feature that allows you to compress the file into a smaller size but without any loss of sound quality due to the sound interface used. FLAC files are generally smaller than other PCM-recorded Wav files with the same quality. The advantage of the FLAC file format is that it uses less storage.
  • WAV audio format takes more space on the disk because the file is not compressed. However, the sound quality is not compromised.
  • WEBM allows you to record in video format.
  • MP4 is another alternative video format you can use to record your file on Virtual DJ.

You can start recording your file once you choose your preferred format. Make sure you have enough storage on your computer before you start recording. If your device has limited space for music, you can use an external hard drive connected to the computer by an appropriate USB cable.

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Recording on Virtual DJ

You must first import the music files from your computer to the Virtual DJ interface to create a song. Once you import your preferred music files, you can create unique songs by editing and mixing the sounds.

When you launch the Virtual DJ interface, you must click on the “Music” library tab. The next step is to click the “Add” tab, which allows you to choose separate songs you want to record. Click the “Ok” button to add the chosen folders to your music library. If you want to record online music, you must use an ideal song downloader.

Once you have added all the tracks, you can start recording your mix by clicking the “Start/Stop Record.” The record buttons are located at the center of the Virtual DJ audio interface. You can also use the same feature to stop the recording, which will resume from where it left off if you want to continue.

Before clicking the record button, you can use different features in the Virtual DJ application to add specific sound effects that you want to include. Look for the effects button to arrange your track in a unique way.

Recorded File

The recorded button appears on the Virtual DJ dashboard once you finish recording your file. You must first identify where you want to save the output file. If you are satisfied with your recording, you can rename the file and save it in your music library.

When you click on the Recorded File button, you will get additional operations you can perform on the recorded file, such as:

  • File Information: The output track is opened with the Tag Editor, which allows you to edit or add more fields to your digital music files.
  • Show in Explorer: This option allows you to show your record in your Computer’s File Explorer.
  • Show in browser: You will see the recorded file in the Virtual DJ browser, which is accessible by setting focus to the file’s folder.

You can get additional recording features by going to the Settings menu under the Options tab in the group Record. For instance, Virtual DJ allows you to mix two songs with different BPMs. You can achieve this by using the software’s sync function that automatically matches the tempo of the two songs. Press the sync button to mix two or more songs. The feature allows you to view the previous song if you want to check the quality of the output.

Another feature you can consider when recording on Virtual DJ is to remove vocals from the song. Select the appropriate filters on Virtual DJ program if you want to eliminate vocals on your file. You can do this with minimum system requirements as long as you have the digital signal.

Virtual DJ is a powerful program that also offers the feature of video mixing, which allows you to access two or more video sources at the same time. DJs often use this function to create unique visual displays that accompany their music. You must first enable this feature in the settings and you can then add video files to the interface and click the mix button.

The video mixing interface allows adding effects, controlling the playback speed, and DJ transitions. You should click the “Add Video” button first if you want to add a video file. It opens the explorer window where you can select the video file you want. The file appears in the track list once it is added. The interface also provides a video playback feature.


Virtual DJ uses a professional interface to produce quality audio tracks for an improved music library on your computer. Many music enthusiasts use the basic version to create their songs because it has different features that allow them to add various effects when they mix audio.

Virtual DJ is different from other software programs because it allows you to add multiple files to create a unique output you can share with others. There are various file formats you can use with this music production software. More importantly, the Virtual DJ interface is user-friendly since it consists of basic buttons.

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