Is SeratoThe Best DJ Software?

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To do better in your DJ performances, you need to have the best software at your disposal with all the right features. Now you probably want to know what the best and most popular DJ software to use is.

With thousands of DJs around the world claiming that Serato DJ software is the best, we’ll take a closer look at it and give you all the information you need to decide on whether it is the right software for you or not. One of the most difficult decisions a new DJ and those with some experience will face is which software to use.

We will make it a bit easier for you by investigating Serato, beginner-friendly DJ software, and all its amazing features.

What Is the Purpose of DJ Software?

DJ software is, in essence, a virtual duplicate of the actual hardware used by DJs and can completely replace the hardware. Or, you can use it in conjunction with any type of hardware that is compatible with a certain type of software.

The fact that it can fully replace your standard DJ hardware makes the software easier to move around to different events. While most events will have their own hardware, you can couple it up with your laptop, so you only have to carry that with you.

While we are in a society that is moving over to digital DJing and mobility, it would be wrong to stick with the old ways. You will only shoot yourself in the foot by not embracing new technology to help improve your performance; find Serato DJ here.

Why Do You Need DJ Software?

Why would any DJ need any software if they already have the hardware to get the job done? This is a fair question, seeing that you will have to pay for any software applications you want to add to your DJing tools.

Another thing is that there are so many software options to consider, which may just confuse new DJs. So, what will a DJ gain by adding any software platform to their ensemble, and is it worth the effort?

While many DJs out there are still against adding software, there are some great advantages you can get from it.

Why Serato DJ Software?

Serato is a powerful tool any DJ can use to enhance their skills and make it easier for them. What is great about this package is that it is compatible with a range of hardware controllers such as Pioneer and Native Instruments.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you should choose this software for your DJ gigs. You will find it a great performance tool to help improve your overall DJing skill.

Widespread Hardware Compatibility

When you go out there to perform, you need to make sure that you use hardware that is compatible with the software you use. Most DJs will have some type of hardware controller to use during events or clubs may have their own pieces of hardware.

You know what will happen if your software is not compatible with the hardware equipment you need to use for your gig. It will be a disaster. This is where you have a great advantage with Serato, as most controllers are compatible with this software.

That is also why it has become popular and is a club standard at most events.

Built-in Effects of Serato DJ

It is true that not all DJ software packages come with the same audio effects included; some even have very few. Serato DJ has several upgraded versions available that have been released since its initial release, namely the mobile version, Serato DJ Lite, and Serato Pro.

These software packages come with a wide range of features and effects that are quite useful for any DJ. Serato also offers a range of amazing effects that can be added to your interface for many different DJing applications.

It is important to have the right effects available at your fingertips when you use them to save you time and effort.

Availability of Streaming Services

While the basic version of Serato does not have this advanced feature, you will find it with the Pro version. The live streaming services provided by Serato allow you quick and easy access to many great songs on the go.

While you need to pay extra for these services, you will have access to a music library, so you don’t need to carry it with you. There is no need to carry a USB stick or even CDs to have a song list available to wow the audience.

This is an excellent feature any DJ on the go needs while traveling, whether they are going to events, clubs, or any other gig.

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Library Management Capability

It is much easier to access all your songs if the DJ software you use provides you with some tools. This is where the advanced library management features of software packages such as Serato Lite come in handy.

There are many ways you can manage your library in Serato, like keyboard and mouse navigation with shortcuts to save you time. The library preparation tool will make it so much easier to gain instant and easy access to your list of music.

Together with track analysis to save you a lot of time and effort, you have a great music preparation tool at your disposal.

Mixing It With Videos

If you are interested in or are using video DJing, you will appreciate an easy tool to help you do it without too much effort. This can be used in Serato by simply enabling it in the video panel found near the top of the interface.

This feature supports various file formats found on Windows and Mac computers for versatility and compatibility. You can easily drag and drop video files onto the virtual decks directly from the library and you are ready to go.

It will take some time to get used to using videos, but you can learn how to do it here.

Harmonic Mixing

Having this ability at your disposal will make your work as a DJ so much easier while you have fun. Some software allows you to change the pitch of your next song to fit in with the current one without ruining the track.

This can be done automatically or manually, and the feature can be found in Serato DJ Pro. The harmonic mixing technology makes it easy to mix tracks that are in the same key with the Mixed In Key application.

This quick and easy key analysis tool helps to prevent any key clashes you may experience otherwise.

A Great Interface

The most appealing feature for many DJs is the clean and easy-to-navigate interface of Serato. All built-in features can be accessed via the interface for a quick and easy setup and allow for easy access to all your audio tracks.

There are many subscription models available to fit most budgets.

Other Types of DJ Software

While Serato is the most popular and gives you the broadest DJ software solutions, others have similar tools. The following are some of the more popular ones:

  • Djay Pro is specially developed for Windows to seamlessly integrate with your music library.
  • Traktor Pro from Native Instruments has a range of features available for all types of DJs.
  • Virtual DJ has a list of features that can be used to make it a bit more user-friendly.
  • Ableton Live comes with a range of versions for different DJ applications, like Ableton Live Lite.


Club DJs find it easy to use Serato software with most pieces of hardware found in clubs for easy performance options. The base software offering from Serato is a great starting point for entry-level DJs, and more can be added as you gain experience.

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