Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller Bundle Review

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What’s more frustrating than choosing from hundreds of DJ controllers online? Possibly the nightmare of accidentally selecting a system that you end up hating. To help fix this dilemma, we’ve decided to research and review one of the best DJ controllers today.

We’ll be introducing you the Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller, which is one of the best DJ bundles you’ll find online. So, without further hesitation, let’s get into the review.

Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller Bundle

The Pioneer DDJ-RB controller is an excellent system that is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS devices. You’ll have DJ software updates that are included in the bundle, as well as the ability to use it with sound cards. Other than that, it features a unique lightweight design which makes it easy to transport; definitely a must for those working in the DJ industry.

Who Is This Product For?

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, the quality of the DDJ-RB brand is impressive. This whole kit comes in a bundle, which makes it excellent for those playing paid gigs. If you’re looking to have a portable yet professional DJ controller, you can’t go wrong with the Pioneer DDJ-RB.

What’s Included?

The bundle includes the Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller system, Rekordbox DJ software, a stand, headphones, and an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth. Since all of these are already included with the price, this product is a great deal.

Overview of Features

Here’s an overview of what the Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller Bundle offers:

  • Adjustable Gearlux Laptop Stand: The laptop stand is useful because it’s fully adjustable and made with durable materials. Other stands may be flimsy and risk damaging your gear and laptop, but this one provides desk clamps which can help create a more stable work environment.
  • Rekordbox DJ: As for software, each DJ controller comes with a specific type. This version includes the Rekordbox DJ software that comes in the form of a key. All you’ll need to do is put the key into your DJ software on your Windows or Mac OS laptop, and you’ll be able to connect and control the controller.
  • Intuitive layout: The span between the buttons and wheels are perfectly paired so that you don’t get them mixed up or confused while playing. There are job wheels, mixers, a VU meter, and more. Each button is also crafted similar to the Rekordbox DJ layout, ensuring that you’ll have an easy time transitioning from the software to the controller.
  • Performance enhancement pads: One unique feature is the performance enhancement pads with sequence call. You’ll be able to create samples and play them directly using each button. This makes it easier to play hot cues, beats, and other sounds.
  • PC master out: Lastly, the PC master out is flexible and enables you to choose to play between laptop speakers, external speakers, and even through wireless speakers. Plus, you’ll also be able to plug in your headphones so that you can play while listening.

How to use

It’s a bit hard to explain over text how to use a DJ controller, so our best method is to give you a simple rundown of how to use the device through the video below. You will see a quick review of the product, and all of its features including a bit of a review of the layout.


Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Lite

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An excellent alternative to the Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller Bundle, especially if you’re looking for a more professional DJ controller with more buttons and controls is the Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Lite.

First off, let’s talk about the portability. It includes two channels, a four-deck controller which has the compact design to fit into a bag. You’ll be able to use it when you’re on the go, and the chance to plug-and-play makes it suitable for those working at gigs.

On top of that, you’ll be able to use the Roland TR drum machines which give any era of music a new sound. Use the mixer and scratcher to enhance your performance while triggering cues, loops, samples, and more.

Lastly, you’ll be able to use the DJ-202 16 step sequencer which enables you to use the performance pads with samples you’ve created. Plus, with this bundle, you’ll get a free upgrade to the Serato DJ Pro.


If you’re looking for a high-quality DJ controller that’s portable and good for on-the-go jobs, then you won’t be disappointed with the Pioneer DDJ-RB Controller Bundle. It features a whole kit that optimizes your performance and enables you to add a unique flair with the sequence calls.

While the Roland DJ-202 is a good alternative, it’s more complicated than the Pioneer controller. This could be a pro or a con, depending on how simplistic you enjoy your DJ controller. Either way, you’ll be satisfied by each of these choices, as both are designed for intermediate to professional DJs.

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