What Is a DJ Controller Used For: The Basics

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With a change of era, new music has started to surface and you’ll find that electronic music is becoming one of the biggest hits. Since the turn of the century, pop, rap, and techno music have increasingly made their way into the music industry, leading more musicians to rely on electronic systems to enhance their music. So, let’s learn about what is a DJ controller used for.

What’s the Goal of DJ Music?

A DJ controller is one tool that current musicians use to help edit, mix, and change up the beats of their music. It uses both real and synthetic sounds to help produce a more unique experience for the listener. If you’re looking for music to jump up and down to or increase your heart rate, these controllers are the key to getting pumped up.

What Is a DJ Controller Used For 2

What’s a DJ Controller?

A DJ controller is a type of musical equipment that’s used to emulate the same sound that DJ mixers provide while also including elements of turntables. These types of devices can be plugged into laptops or other devices, and music can be transferred from the computer to the console and vice-versa. This enables you to edit and create your own sounds and beats to then overlap and play with other music.

Can You Use CDs or Vinyl Records?

While some DJ controllers are compatible with these, most often they do not include compatibility. That is because these are older methods for creating and making music. While you can still get a kick out of jamming to your old favorites, you’ll find that most new music is composed and played through laptops or MP3 devices.

Is a DJ Controller Different From a Mixer?

A mixer is similar to those DJs you use in movies. They tend to use other music and play or remix their own version of other songs.

While a mixer enables the user to play different sounds, beats, edit pitches, and insert scratches, it’s not the same as a DJ controller. A DJ controller uses all the elements of a mixer but enables the user to create their own music from scratch.

Many times, newer versions of DJ controllers include extra knobs and buttons to help give you more control over the music you create. Many controls include adjustable volume, bass, frequencies, and other sounds and beats that you’d use while you’re DJing a party. Create your own beats, or use ones that come pre-installed on the software.

What About a Turntable?

Turntables are a very old method to including different types of sounds over records and CDs. You’ll find that a DJ controller has elements of a turntable, but often does not allow you to use CDs or records.

Instead, newer versions include a job wheel which is similar to where you’d scratch records. You’ll be able to mix and adjust tracks like a turntable but instead will use the fake wheels to do the job.

How Do You Use a DJ Controller?

You’ll need to plug the device into a computer using a USB port. These devices often come with a key for software which enables you to create, play, and/or edit your own music.

After installing the software onto your laptop, you can then use it to create new beats, cues, and sounds. Insert these into the device or drag and drop MP3 files to edit.

You’ll be able to add in new sounds or music to the track and then align them by using the software. Once you’ve created sounds, you can add them onto your DJ controller and have them ready to go via a button or knob. Head to your favorite DJing spot or event and bust out the beats while playing your own music or on top of already edited songs.

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Should You Invest in a DJ Controller?

If you’re looking to pump out beat-driven music that makes the crowd jump for joy or tap to the beat, then definitely think about getting a controller. Plus, you’re better off getting a controller just because you’ll be able to create and edit your own music through software. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and have a passion for creating your own sick beats, then you’ll want to try a DJ controller.


So, what is a DJ controller used for? DJ controllers may seem like they’re complicated to use, and many times they are.

However, there are plenty of beginner-friendly devices that enable you to set up and craft unique tunes and beats. If you’re an aspiring DJ who wants to make a name for yourself, it’s best to use a DJ controller rather than a mixer or turntable.

Plus, many modern style DJ controllers are designed to be portable, compact, and lightweight. You’ll be able to take them anywhere you go; that way, you have an instrument and software to create music when you have a waft of inspiration. Overall, they’re an excellent investment for those wanting to edit and pave the way to a new era of music.

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