Numark DJ2GO2 Controller Review

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Numark DJ2GO2 Controller Review
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When it comes to choosing a DJ controller, you may be a little bit lost. Chances are, you’re a beginner looking to get a new setup or you’ve already purchased one but you’re not satisfied with the turnout.

Luckily, there’s plenty of DJ controllers that are known for pleasing their users. Thus, we’re reviewing one of the top 2019 controllers. So, if you’re looking for an excellent beginner DJ controller, then you won’t find any better than the Numark DJ2GO2 Controller.

Numark DJ2GO2 Controller

The Numark DJ2GO2 is a unique pocket-sized DJ controller that’s lightweight and easy to transport. The good thing is that it doesn’t skimp out on other features just because it’s small.

While this may be a beginner DJ controller, it actually packs a pretty big punch. It comes with multiple channels, jogs, wheels, built-in audio cards, and master gain control. Plus, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS computers and laptops.

Who Is This Product For?

Anyone who’s looking for a portable DJ controller that is just as powerful as its full-sized counterparts will enjoy the design of the Numark DJ2GO2 Controller. It’s easy to use, well constructed, and also features enough space so that it’s not hard to use. If you’d compare it to a regular sized laptop, it’s about the same as the size of its keyboard.

What’s Included?

Upon purchase, you'll receive a console that is notorious for being lightweight, specifically about 11.8 ounces. On top of that, the product dimensions are 3.4 x 16.9 x 1.3 inches and is designed to be compact. Included with the Numark DJ2GO2 Controller is a Serato DJ Lite software key.

Overview of Features

The Numark DJGO2 Controller is loaded with the following features:

  • Onboard audio interface: The onboard audio interface makes the setup more simplistic and doesn’t require multiple cords or inputs. There’s also an onboard audio interface that allows you to plug in ⅛-inch headphones, speakers, or audio records.
  • Mix controls: The set includes multiple mix essentials including two channels, jog wheels, faders, and a few other tools to help you create better music.
  • Added flair: Besides the other features, the console comes equipped with fantastic performance and enhanced controls. Change between four pad modes and switch up cue points, looping, and playback. Don’t think just because it’s a smaller console that it’s skipping out on features you’d only find on a larger console.
  • Compact design: The Numark is designed to be able to fit into bags or backpacks. It’s a portable DJ controller that’s designed for professionals. With the lightweight and sleek low-profile design, you can easily use it in public places to do some work on music or light it up and use it at a party.
  • Serato DJ Software: Software is key to creating amazing beats and is used to change up your tunes. The Numark comes with Serato DJ Pro software which is one of the best intuitive programs you can find. You’ll have access to multiple features that enable you to learn how to properly DJ.
  • Universal compatibility: Lastly, it includes universal compatibility that can be used with any DJ software. That means, if you don’t enjoy the Serato, you can still use the DJ controller with other software.

How to Use

There are plenty of tutorials online that do an excellent job of showing you how to use the Numark DJ2GO2. Take a look at this review, and you’ll get a complete rundown of the controller's buttons, features, and play style.


The only issue with the Numark DJ2GO2 Controller is that it tends to be a more complex model and isn’t the best for first-time users. If you’re looking for something you can practice with, the Hercules DJ Control is an excellent alternative and gives you limited controls in order for you to learn.

The package includes the DJ controller software, two jog wheels, four different modes, four pads per deck, and a two-band EQ per deck. The whole unit is only 1.23 pounds, and the dimensions of the device are 14.7 x 5.4 x 2.4 inches.

Additional features include USB control, audio ports, full-range drivers, the shift function key to double up on buttons, and more. If you’re looking for a device that has all the necessary features, plus a bit more, then you’ll genuinely enjoy the Hercules.


There are plenty of DJ controllers to choose from, each promising a different experience. So, how do you find one that suits your needs? As a musician, it’s essential to explore and find a controller that works for you.

Each software and DJ set has different features and controls, one person may like them while another may be unsatisfied. Either way, the Numark DJ2GO2 Controller includes compatibility with any software and consists of a whole host of commands and controls, which is perfect for beginners to expert users.

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