Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones Review

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Shure SRH750DJ Professional DJ Headphones are designed to offer professional DJs world-class audio performance, comfort, and durability.

With a history dating back to 1925, Shure has built a reputation for setting the worldwide industry standard for superior microphones and audio electronics. 

These headphones have high impedance and maximized power handling, making them ideal for use with high-output DJ mixers.

The enhanced frequency response is tuned to deliver high-output bass with extended highs, ensuring excellent sound quality throughout your mix. 

These DJ-style closed-back headphones have padded ear cups that swivel 90 degrees, allowing easy placement on one ear when mixing. The adjustable and collapsible headband of SRH750DJ ensures excellent comfort, while the closed-back circumaural design rests comfortably over your ears, reducing background noise. 

This headset is designed to withstand everyday use, boasting the durability of Shure products. The 3m (10ft) coiled detachable cable provides ample length and easy storage when not used. 

One of the standout features of the Shure SRH750DJ headphones is their replaceable ear cup pads, and the package includes a second set of pads to ensure the product has a long life. 

Additionally, a carrying pouch and threaded ¼-inch adapter are also included. With these high-quality headphones, professional DJs can trust that their sound is optimized for the best possible performance.

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Who Is It For?

The Shure SRH750DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones are perfect for DJs, music producers, and audiophiles looking for high-quality audio focusing on bass and extended highs. 

These headphones are designed to optimize performance with high-output DJ mixers, making them suitable for professional environments. 

An adjustable, collapsible headband and 90-degree swivel ear cups provide comfort and easy one-ear placement during long mixing sessions. If you’re seeking a durable and reliable headphone option that can withstand the rigors of everyday use while delivering exceptional sound, the Shure SRH750DJ should definitely be on your radar.

What’s Included

You’ll receive some valuable accessories upon purchasing the Shure SRH750DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones. It includes a detachable 10ft (3m) coiled cable, a convenient carrying pouch, and a threaded ¼-inch adapter for added versatility. 

Additionally, the package comes with replaceable ear cup pads and a second set of pads to ensure the longevity of your headphones. With all these essentials at your disposal, you’re set to enjoy professional audio quality and comfort during your DJ sessions.

Overview of Features

The Shure SRH750DJ headphones pack a punch with their high-output bass and extended highs, made possible by their enhanced frequency response. This makes them perfect for professional DJs who demand top-quality sound when mixing. 

These headphones’ high impedance and maximized power handling are optimized for use on high-output DJ mixers. They also feature a closed-back, circumaural design to rest comfortably on your ears while reducing unwanted background noise.

One of the most crucial features of any DJ headphones is the adjustable and collapsible headband. With the Shure SRH750DJ, you can swivel the ear cups 90 degrees for easy one-ear placement and adjust the headband to provide an optimal fit.

Plus, the legendary Shure quality ensures the headphones can withstand everyday use by even the most dedicated DJs.

With a 3m (10ft) coiled detachable cable, you’ll have length to move around during your performance. This cable is not only detachable for easy storage, but it also means that if it gets damaged, you can replace it without having to buy a whole new set of headphones.

Comfort has been taken into account with the SRH750DJ headphones, as they come with replaceable ear cup pads and a second set included in the package for longevity. On top of that, a carrying pouch and threaded ¼-inch adapter are included for added convenience.

The Shure SRH750DJ Professional DJ headphones offer enhanced audio performance, comfort, durability, and adaptability. Their high-output bass, extended highs, and adjustable design features provide an exceptional audio experience for professional DJs who demand the best.


Adjust the collapsible headband to enjoy your SRH750DJ headphones for a comfortable fit. 

The padded ear cups swivel 90 degrees, allowing you to easily place them on one ear when mixing. The 3m (10ft) coiled detachable cable offers flexibility and easy storage. 

Lastly, connect the threaded ¼-inch adapter using a professional audio system.

Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced frequency response delivers high-output bass and extended highs, perfect for DJ use.
  • Padded ear cups offer comfort during extended periods of usage.
  • Ear cups swivel 90 degrees for easy one-ear placement when mixing or taking breaks.
  • Good design at a reasonable price.
  • Long-lasting and durable, even after a year of heavy usage.
  • Excellent sound quality, comparable to higher-priced headphones.


  • Some may find the ear cups shallow, which can contribute to a more secure fit.
  • The headphones could be tight for people with larger heads, but this ensures a snug fit for better sound isolation.


If the Shure SRH750DJ headphones don’t seem the perfect fit for you, some great alternatives are worth considering. 

For a more affordable option, the SRH440 headphones are designed for both professional and home studios but still provide exceptional audio quality. 

For those seeking a more premium experience, the SRH940 and SRH1540 headphones are designed for critical listening, monitoring, and mastering, offering superior comfort and sound quality. 

It’s essential to consider your specific needs and budget when selecting the right pair of headphones, but you can trust Shure to deliver high-quality audio across their entire range


The Shure SRH750DJ Professional DJ Headphones are an excellent choice for professional DJs looking for high-quality sound, comfort, and durability. 

With features such as enhanced frequency response, high impedance, and maximized power handling, these headphones are designed to be used with high-output DJ mixers. 

The comfortable, padded ear cups swivel 90 degrees for easy one-ear placement, and the replaceable ear cup pads and detachable cable ensure a long product life. 

The included carrying pouch and threaded ¼-inch adapter make it easy to take these headphones on the go, making them a fantastic investment for any DJ or audio professional.

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