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As a DJ, the perfect pair of headphones should be comfortable and have excellent sound quality. This means they must fit perfectly or be adjustable in order to accommodate various head sizes. Also, they should be durable. Last but not least, your headphones should look good. Every DJ needs to look the part and live up to the expectations of being stylish and elegant. Here are five premium DJ headphones that meet all these requirements and more. 

Comparison Chart

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Sennheiser Professional HD 25 On-Ear DJ Headphones
51DHn5pdTSL. SL500
Pioneer DJ HDJ-X7-K – Closed-back Circumaural DJ Headphones
31A7LX7u6jL. SL500
Technics Professional DJ Headphones
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Shure SRH750DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones
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Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5XBK

Best DJ Headphone Reviews

1. Sennheiser Professional DJ Headphones

41njsUFQQAL. SL500

Like the many unique products from Sennheiser, these headphones offer incredible quality with a touch of finesse. Sennheiser has shown dedication to shaping the future with products that provide unique sound experiences. They have over 75 years of history and innovation in the field of audio. Their ambition is to shape the future and we can say they have done so with these headphones.


The Sennheiser Professional HD 25 On-Ear DJ Headphones come in the color black. The main material used to make it is plastic, with a 3.5 mm jack. They are purpose-designed, meaning many professionals will find these headphones exceptional. They weigh very little, coming at around 0.4 ounces. Product dimensions are 9.64 x 7.36 x 3.3 inches. You can listen to them with one ear by folding one of the ears to the side; this is a handy feature as sometimes, you might want to be alert while still listening to your music. However, you should note something about this feature; it is only the left cup that swivels.

In terms of sound representation, they thrive, and they are capable of handling high sound pressure. The HD 25 has a robust construction and will perform remarkably well even in loud environments. The sound quality and noise cancellation are nice. It offers crisp and excellent results across all frequency ranges. The lower you go, the more the sound becomes resonant and rich. The Sennheiser HD 25 comfortably accommodates an enormous amount of bass. The ear pads are comfortable and the headband offers great flexibility courtesy of the split option. Clamp force is pretty strong but also very comfortable; you can keep it on your head for hours. The cord also does not coil up, making it more convenient than other headphones.

You don’t need to sit them perfectly on your ears to hear the sound entirely. Professional DJs will be satisfied and get great value out of these headphones. For music production, however, they might not offer the best results as they are not strictly neutral. 


  • Has a punchy and dynamic sound
  • Ear pads are comfortable with excellent headband flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • The cord does not coil up
  • Solid and impressive design


  • They are not strictly neutral  

2. Pioneer HDJ-X7-K DJ Headphones

51DHn5pdTSL. SL500

The DJ HDJ-X7 headphones from Pioneer are black and silver and weigh around 2.18 pounds. Pioneer claims to have listened to the needs of DJs and is back with these new and improved professional DJ headphones. In addition, they developed new drivers for this model to give it clean monitoring even at high volumes. The HDJ-X7 is also flexible and is usable for long periods. When you purchase this model, you also get a carry pouch and a 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter.


When you first put these headphones on, you will immediately notice the solid and refined design. They weigh 312 grams, have a maximum input power of 3500 Mw, and an output sound level of 102 dB. The frequency range is from 5 – 30000 Hz. The sound in these headphones is crystal clear, courtesy of the newly-developed 50-mm driver. In addition to that, the optimized diaphragm offers tight bases. There is also a cable with superior right and left channel separation and a bass reflex chamber; all these allow for professional monitoring. In terms of durability, you can be sure they will last; they have been rigorously tested and can handle the severest conditions. All the moving parts are constructed with metal.

If you plan on going with them everywhere, this might be easier than you thought as they are easily portable, and you could quickly drop them in your carry pouch. You don’t have to put them with the rest of the luggage where they might be damaged. In addition, it features accessories like a detachable 5-foot coiled cable and a 5-foot straight cable. There is also an L-type mini-jack to prevent accidental disconnection.

You will first notice how comfortable they are when you put them on. These headphones’ housing design reduces pressure on your head and the outside textures enhance the grip. The headband is durable and flexible to allow for the perfect fit and for an adjustable swivel. The diameter, however, can be small and may not fit everyone the same way.      


  • Great sound quality
  • Fantastic build quality, which makes them durable
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Reliable isolation
  • Comfortable on the ears


  • Shorter headband diameter

3. Technics Professional DJ Headphones

31A7LX7u6jL. SL500

If you are looking for balanced sound combined with high clarity, then the Technics DJ headphones are the perfect choice. These headphones use special coil drivers to deliver unparalleled audio with minimal distortion, even at maximum volume. They also feature a high 2500 mW input which means you will always hear the sounds clearly at loud concerts or other high-volume environments. 


When you look at these Technics professional headphones, one of the first things you’ll love about them is their stylish look and seamless match with most DJ turntables. They have a smooth matte black finish that oozes class and exudes elegance. 

Additionally, one of the most outstanding features of these headphones is how they can adapt to all DJ styles. This makes them ideal for professionals and beginners. They have 270-degree swiveling mechanisms that can be locked to allow you to free-style your DJing without worrying about them shifting out of position. 

These headphones are also lightweight, making them highly portable. Moreover, you can fold them to make them more compact and easier to store or carry in your bag. 

You never have to worry about accidental cord detachment with these headphones. That’s because they have a locking mechanism that holds the cord in place. Just attach and twist it to lock. The wires are also designed to resist breakage even during intense DJing sessions. 

Durability is an essential feature of any headphones. This pair is made to last and doesn’t compromise on comfort while at it. The head and ear pads are lined with soft synthetic leather that offers maximum comfort and minimizes discomfort caused by sweating. This makes them ideal for everyday use. 

The headphones also come with some essential accessories. For starters, there’s a pouch for storing and carrying your headphones safely. You also get a 4.5-foot straight cord and a 5-foot coiled cord that are detachable and can be locked when connected to the headphones. Lastly, there’s a plug adaptor that’s 6.3 mm. 

The main downside about these headphones is that they clamp the ears tightly. This can make them uncomfortable to wear for long durations. Also, they have a harsh sound output in the upper midrange and high ranges. This may be great for loud environments, but it can be a drawback if you are DJing in more tranquil surroundings. 


  • They come with useful accessories
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Convenient locking mechanisms
  • High clarity and audio quality


  • The headphones clamp the ears tightly

4. Shure SRH750DJ DJ Headphones

317h79u57GL. SL500

Shure is an American company renowned for making some of the best audio products. These products include microphones, wireless microphone systems, headphones, and sound-isolating earphones. The Shure SRH750DJ Professional DJ Headphones continue their legacy of top-notch products that bring the best sound quality and clarity. 


These gold-colored headphones are fabulous for professional DJ mixers, thanks to their high impedance feature, which lets you hear music more clearly and transparently. This helps you produce better music and takes your mixing skills to the next level. 

Additionally, these headphones provide you with enhanced frequency response. This means that you will be able to receive clear sound as the system ensures fast frequency in less than 1 second. 

Noise cancellation is an essential feature for any music lover. This headphone’s circumoral design cancels any noise that will spoil your listening experience. On top of that, the design feels comfortable for your ears.  

The sturdy build of this product ensures that you can enjoy your music or music production for years. Shure tried and tested these headphones to meet their legendary Shure quality standards. Not only is this product’s build durable but so are the ear cup pads. If you notice the cup pads are worn out, you can replace them with new ones. 

Convenience is also found in this product. When not in use, the headphones come with a carrying bag that makes them highly portable. 

Moreover, the headphones come with a 10-foot coiled cable, which is detachable. So, you can detach the cable when not using the headphones and store them in the carrying bag for a more accessible carriage. 

These headphones guarantee your comfort because of their foldable headband, which lets you customize the length to your comfort level and head size.

On the downside, the adjustable sliding section in the headband area is prone to cracking or breakage. On top of that, the headband is made of plastic, which makes the headphones seem cheap. 


  • High-quality bass and sound output
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Impedance feature for clear and transparent sound
  • They come with a carrying bag for convenience


  • Adjustable sliding section prone to damage
  • The headband is made of cheap plastic 

5. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5XBK DJ Headphones

41qzCQ 1UQL. SL500

These headphones from Audio-Technica feature sturdy construction and go above and beyond in terms of performance. Audio-Technica is known for its turntables, phonographic magnetic cartridges, professional microphones, and headphones. When it comes to sound, their vision is to provide high-quality sound for everyone, and you can rest assured that these headphones will do just that. The sounds are accurate and the headphone is pleasant to use.


The Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5XBK comes in black, with a driver diameter of 40 mm and frequency response of between 5 – 35,000 Hz. The maximum power input is 1,500 Mw at 1 kHz, with a sensitivity of 100 dB. Impedance is at 34 ohms. In terms of accessories, you’ll get a mini plug connector that’s 3.5 mm, a 4.5-foot straight cable, and a 4.5-foot coiled cable. 

The build of the ATH-PRO5XBK is sturdy. It is also lightweight, thus perfect for professional DJs. The sound is highly accurate with the newly developed 40 mm drivers. The connections are secure and practical for all DJ use. Unlike other speakers, the Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5XBK allows distortion-free, fantastic quality audio production even at maximum volumes. It has good bass, but the sound is not super bass-heavy. You will notice how comfortable the earpads are when you put them on. These headphones offer excellent sound isolation. The ear pads are also durable and they will fit and last for years to come.

Many people, especially DJs, complain of not being able to keep headphones on their heads for long hours because of how uncomfortable they get, but this is not the case for these headphones. The sturdy construction combined with the soft and durable earpads is comfortable for wearing for many hours of use. You won’t feel the pressure on your head and you can even forget they are there at some point. Also, if you don’t like people listening to what you have on your headphones, you will be fine as these headphones are closed-back and the people next to you will barely hear what you are saying. One downside with these headphones, however, is that they are not foldable, so if you want headphones that will fit into a small bag or pouch, you might want to skip this option. 


  • Noise cancellation is superb
  • Comfortable wear for more extended hours
  • Amazing crystal-clear sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • They are not foldable


Sennheiser has been renowned for being master creators of high-quality headphones for decades, and their professional DJ headphones tick all the right boxes. The Pioneer HDJ-X7-K DJ Headphones bring a new technology development with a high power input of 3500 mW. The Technics Pro DJ headphones, on the other hand, are great for loud environments and the Shure headphones deliver excellent bass. Lastly, the Audio-Technica headphones are a good choice if you need a pair to wear for long hours. 

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