Do You Need Speakers for a DJ Controller?

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DJ controllers are a full system including a mixer and a turntable. But when you’re planning on using your table, how are you going to play music?

Most controllers don’t come with equipt sound systems, or at least not good quality ones. That’s why it’s essential to understand what types of speakers work best.

There’s one problem when it comes to picking a speaker out, and that is which one is the best for the DJ controller you’re using. While many modern controllers have built-in speakers or have the ability to connect to your computers via USB, you’re still going to want one with an output connection. So, do you need speakers for a DJ controller?

Do You Need Speakers for a DJ Controller 2

Choosing the Right Speakers for the Event

First, it’s essential to understand that while one speaker may work for a specific event, another may not. If you’re hosting a large event, you may need a large sound system that can blast music around the room for up to a few thousand people. However, if you’re just playing for a small event of a 100 or less, then you may want to consider a minor sound system.

Choosing the right system is key to having a satisfied audience. This also goes for what type of speaker you buy. There are plenty of speakers that can plug into your standard output plug, but the real problem comes with selecting one that’s geared for DJ music.

A car speaker or computer system may work for a small crowd or for when you’re practicing. However, it won’t cut it if you’re using them for a gig, so keep that in mind.

Consider Wattage

The term “Watts” is a measurement of electrical use. The more energy consumed, the higher the wattage. Speakers that have a higher wattage don’t only produce a louder sound, but also higher quality sound. If you’re looking for a decent speaker, you should consider a high wattage speaker.

That being said, don’t go all out on just the wattage. A high wattage can also start to distort the sound quality and make it sound grainy. You want a good balance between the two.

As such, the best is to get an amplifier around 1,000 watts. Anything less, and you will have bad sound quality and lag. Anything more, and you’ll find yourself having problems with clipping and distortion.

Passive Speakers

One choice many DJs tend to choose is a passive speaker. A passive speaker requires an amplifier in order to function, which is why many tend to avoid these. However, if you’re setting up a home studio or are planning to pump louder tunes, then a passive speaker may be right for you.

Some believe that the word “passive” signifies that the sound is “less” than an active speaker, but that’s not true. A passive speaker must use amplifiers while an active speaker does not.  That’s the primary distinction between the two.

When to Choose Passive Speakers

For every passive speaker installed, you will need one amplifier. As you can see, electricity runs through all of these, so if you’re planning on a lower electric bill, you may want to look elsewhere. As such, people tend to stray away from these speakers unless they’re setting up a full sound studio.

Do You Need Speakers for a DJ Controller 3

Active Speakers

Active speakers are equipped with a sound system and don’t need an amplifier as they can already produce high sound quality. The volume can be adjusted on each speaker, and most of the time, these can be directly plugged into the system.

The wattage usage also tends to be lower because you won’t have the extra energy being used by an amplifier. A majority of good rated speakers are around 500 watts, which is what you typically would find in a DJ setup at a high school dance.

When to Choose Active Speakers

If you want to connect multiple speakers together, you can easily link them and create a unique audio experience. Plus, you can position them around your audience, giving them better sound quality around the room. Many times active speakers are best for environments that are entertaining large audiences.

Do You Need Speakers for a DJ Controller?

Selecting what speaker to buy can be a difficult task, but you need to choose one in order to use your DJ controller. While most computers play music from their speakers, the sound quality isn’t going to be the best and can end up sounding different when you’re playing for a crowd than when you’re using the speakers from your laptop.

Plus, it’s better to be prepared and practice for when you’re performing for an audience. If you’re trying to learn how to DJ, you’re going to want fans.

That’s why practicing with a speaker system is a better option. You’ll be able to test out how the audience experiences your performance beforehand and adjust it to maximize their enjoyment.

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