5 Best DJ Speakers

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Being a DJ is an exciting recreational activity. You can also pursue the hobby and make it your career, contributing brighter and better melodies and tracks to the music scene. However, you might be good at DJing but lacking when it comes to the correct DJ speaker to make you rise in this field. 

As a beginner or someone looking for speaker alternatives, this compilation of the best DJ speakers of 2022 will be an important tool in your DJing journey. It follows an in-depth search and testing of various speakers to save you the trouble of undergoing the procedure before getting your ideal speaker.

If you desire a setup capable of competing or complimenting club or venue sound systems, you should consider investing in DJ speakers. The following are some of the top investment choices you can make.

Comparison Chart

PRORECK Club 3000 12-Inch 4000w
41ILVa38iIL. SL500
Pioneer DJ DM-40 – 21W
Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT 12″ 1000W
516ULDB+hSL. SL500
Ignite Pro 12″ Pro Series Speaker
41PdP6QK50L. SL500
Hercules DJ MONITOR 32

Best DJ Speakers Reviews

PRORECK 3000 DJ Speakers

The PRORECK Club 3000 is among the most reliable and affordable 4000W speakers currently available. These column speakers have all you need to kick-start your journey into DJing with an amazing sound. With an array of Bluetooth, subwoofers, and SD card readers, you have everything included.

In addition, and at its price point not trivial, you receive a full graphic EQ + volume, bass, and treble control, together with an MP3 player LCD. Ultimately, getting the power and features in the PRORECK Club 3000 in any other speakers is impossible. 


The PRORECK Club PA system is an awesome package made up of a 12” active subwoofer featuring an inbuilt 3000/750 RMS watt amplifier and a 12” passive partner together with a dual 4X4 inch collection of speakers (a total of 8).

The build of the speakers is highly durable and can be mounted onto the telescoping speaker-pole stands. The adjustability is excellent, letting you direct audio in the space. 

The frequency response covers a wide range with an increased low end to offer a more powerful resonant bass. 

Bluetooth connectivity is enabled and can easily pair within a 66-foot line of sight. The speakers feature a remote control function that allows you to change to different preset modes, in addition to dedicated treble/bass control, volume controls, and main volume for conveniently setting the overall volume. 

They are equipped with dynamic connections: a pair of mono XLR inputs for line-level or microphone source, a 6.35 stereo input, a stereo RCA output, and stereo RCA out, together with an SD card reader and USB connection port. It is available with all the necessary cables to facilitate versatile running. 


  • Features remote control capabilities
  • Powerful resonant bass
  • Cost-effective
  • It is highly durable


  • Bluetooth range of only 66-foot range

Pioneer DJ DM-40 – 21W

41ILVa38iIL. SL500

The Pioneer DJ DM-40 speaker set is a DJ studio monitor set. Though the speaker set is not recommendable for live gigging, it is an ideal choice for a nice bedroom practice/DJing. The powered pair of speakers are active and easy to use and have a wide frequency range. Furthermore, they have an RCA line input, a mini-jack, and a headphone monitoring output port.

They are excellently designed, with Pioneer behind some amazing and affordable options that are incredibly effective. The speakers are also compact, enabling them to retain a sufficiently decent size to allow them to fill your small room with quality sound. 

These Pioneer DJ speakers feature a 3/4-inch soft dome tweeter alongside a 4-inch woofer. It is a wooden enclosure, ideal for dampening, and has a dual-way bass reflex port. 


Pioneer’s DM-40 is a set of two active, dual-way monitors, black in color, tailored for a diverse musical range. It is reproduced for producers, DJs, and music artists in personal studios and mobile setups. Thanks to the class AB amplifiers, the speakers inject 21 watts of power via 4-inch fiberglass woofers and soft dome tweeters (0.75”).

It has front-mounted bass flex ducts and diffusers to offer a heightened frequency response and a broad sweet spot. To reduce unwanted resonance and vibration from your table or desk, consider placing the monitors on the cushions included with the package.

You have the freedom of connecting your stereo system, DJ mixer, smartphone, or audio interface to the RCA or 3.5mm input jacks through the accompanying 3.5 mm to RCA connection cable. The 3.5mm front-panel headphone port and special volume control enable easy checking of your mix through the headphones. Fiberglass woofers (4”) offer a strong and punchy bass output, with the bass reflex ducts contributing to enhanced bass projection. The grooves on the ducts break airflow, allowing efficient radiation of low frequencies for a tighter bass even with the monitors placed against a wall. 

The 0.75” soft dome tweeters of the DM-40 have DECO convex diffusers through which high frequencies are channeled in all directions. The outcome of this is sound consistency despite the position and a broad sweet spot. With the class AB amplifiers, you get quality sound with minimal distortion. In addition, the alignment of the woofer and tweeter eliminates crossover while ensuring a proper response balance throughout the frequency spectrum.


  • Has the option of a bedroom monitor
  • Wooden enclosure
  • Combines tweeter and woofer
  • Features bass reflex ports


  • Reduced speaker size is not ideal for large rooms
  • Some vibration when placed against walls

Electro-Voice DJ Speaker

Another awesome speaker for your DJ gigs is the Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT. The speaker supports wireless Bluetooth-enabled audio streaming to enable you to mix music from the music library of your phone. It features a Quick Smart DSP that presents you with the best processing in this category. With a 1000W efficient class-D power amplifier, you can get a maximum of 126dB peak SPL. Electro-Voice themselves are tasked with the design and engineering responsibility of the transducers.

Signal Synchronized Transducers waveguide design, patented by Electro-Voice, offers precise and consistent coverage and peak acoustic loading with the least distortion. The innovative design of the DJ speaker’s cabinet has three handles in optimal locations. Therefore, regardless of where you go, you are guaranteed awesome studio-grade sound quality with the speaker. 


This is the best deal you will find within the speaker’s price range. With a weight of about 35 pounds, this 1000-watt class-D DJ speaker will impress you.

From its price range, you will be tempted to conclude that the quality of the DJ speakers is compromised. However, this is not true as the speakers pack a high-frequency titanium driver that helps the speakers realize an amazing sound quality at a reduced price.

Generally, the speaker is often likened to the K12 speaker that goes for about double the price. Therefore, you should invest in this similar quality product at a reduced price. 

The DJ speaker outputs high-quality sound that is precise and clear. It has an impressive bass similar to those with 12” woofers. The Electro-Voice brand is reputable, and you are right to expect superior-quality speakers from them. The Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT is an excellent and cost-effective speaker option and more preferable to the K10. It has awesome portability helping it realize a great balance between portability, budget, and quality.


  • Setting up and usage is easy
  • It is cost-effective
  • Awesome sound quality
  • Versatile and compact
  • It is lightweight 


  • Compromised durability for heavy users
  • Bass response requires improvement 

Ignite Pro DJ Speaker

516ULDB+hSL. SL500

Most users do not require a license to use the 2x Ignite Pro microphone system. However, using the microphone system unlicensed is subject to some restrictions: though the system may not trigger negative interference, you should operate it at reduced power levels (not exceeding 50 milliwatts). It also lacks protection against interference coming from other devices. The speaker, however, is a great buy as you look to get started on your DJing journey with its Bluetooth connectivity feature and 2000W power rating.


The 2x Ignite Pro Series Speaker has an inbuilt rechargeable battery to facilitate playback from any place. Other features of these speakers include the inbuilt USB/SD MP3 Audio playback card slot and FM radio playback thanks to the FM radio transmitter.

A pair of VHF microphones (wireless) with a three-position power switch and LED power complement the dedicated volume control. It also has a direct line of sight Bluetooth range of up to 75 feet.

The device also features a microphone echo and a master volume control that lets you easily and conveniently adjust to fit your preference. It has a battery life of up to four hours to ensure your sound experience is not unprecedentedly cut short. The rolling wheels and extendable handle facilitate enhanced portability of the speakers.

Other features include the internal battery level display and a DC port for externally supplied 12V DC power. With it, you have input options like XLR, microphone/guitar, and RCA. However, the necessary RCA wire to connect the speakers is not included. 

It has heavy-duty speaker stands with durable steel construction, giving it a 130-pound weight capacity. The height range is also adjustable and varies between 48 and 88 inches, with a base spread between 0 and 23 inches. The tube diameter is 1.5 inches.


  • Has rechargeable batteries
  • Offers enhanced portability
  • Weight capacity of 130 pounds
  • Adjustable height range


  • RCA wire not included
  • Battery life of only 4 hours

Hercules DJ MONITOR 32

41PdP6QK50L. SL500

The Hercules DJ Monitor is among the top-rated entry-level monitors currently available, with a great balance of highs, mids, and lows for DJing and music production. Hercules is popular for its software, DJ controllers, and recently for multimedia monitors. It is a brand that produces quality entry-level devices perfect for entry into the DJing scene but if you are on a tight budget or unsure of how committed you are to the new hobby.

The product is designed for home studio usage. It is a worthy competitor of other entry-level monitors such as the KRK Rockit RP5, which is also available at approximately the same cost.


The speakers are identical and share the front panel volume and power switches, together with treble and bass controls located towards its rear side for easier access. With it, you will have three input types: RCA, XLR, and balanced quarter-inch inputs. The provision for turning the speakers off and on from the front side and the volume control is amazing. The sound control is simple, and it is handy to have the controls located at the front in tight spaces.

The monitor package features a 1” tweeter, 5” woofer, and a pair of front-facing ports for pumping the air. One of the standout features of the monitor is the size and heft; it weighs 15 pounds and is as high as 12” with a width and depth of 8.7” and 9.2”, respectively. Therefore, they might be bulky for your desk or tabletop if you wish to set it up in a constricted space. Consider getting isolated speaker stands to assist in dialing the sweet spot. You also get foot pads with the speakers for bottom mounting if you wish to have them set up on your desk.

They have an aesthetic and clean look with plastic fronts and wood cabinets with the yellow woofer reminiscent of the product offered by KRK at the same level.

An A/B bi-amplified system powers the monitors where the woofer receives 50W and 30W goes to the tweeter. The power is sufficient to engulf a small space and sufficiently serves as either a studio or DJ monitor. However, do not expect heart-stopping bass with this monitor, as it is tailored for small rooms and not a backyard rave. 

As you play hip-hop and electronic dance music, you will notice that the bass is rather subdued and lacking in the fullness we appreciate as DJs. If you see the devices as DJ monitors, consider other options that get more bottom heavy. 

This monitor stands out in its price range for its highs and mids. It offers a great balance of ambient, jazz, neoclassical, and complex house music genres. Therefore, if you are more inclined towards production than DJing, the monitors are an excellent, budget-friendly avenue to begin your studio.


  • Has an awesome build quality
  • Ideal for checking a mix
  • It is affordable 


  • Cannot connect to Spotify
  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity 

Final Verdict

With the above compilation of quality speakers, you will be better positioned to choose the best one for your particular needs. Speakers are essential devices in booths and are considered channels of transmitting music to listeners.

Additionally, they are utility tools that can aid in steering your career in DJing in the right direction by outputting clearer sounds. Our top choice following the research is the Pioneer DJ DM-40 speaker set. Thanks to its wide frequency range, it is the best DJ studio monitor set. Invest in the best DJ speaker now.

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