5 Best 2 Deck DJ Controllers

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The DJ cult has grown rapidly in the last few years, so many people are trying their hand at this very popular niche. To be able to have an edge in this industry, you need the best tools available, and that includes a good 2 deck DJ controller.

In this review, we will take a closer look at some of the best and most popular 2 deck DJ controllers out there. We will look at all the features added to make them stand out from the rest and how they can benefit the DJ.

If you want to know which one of these controllers is the best option for you, read on and find out.

Comparison Chart

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Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500
51FRubN1aES. SL500
Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 2-Deck Rekordbox DJ Controller
416uq8VTqsL. SL500
Numark DJ2GO2 Touch –
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51yZfGeZdlL. SL500
Gemini Sound SDJ-4000 Standalone

Best 2 Deck DJ Controller Reviews

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500

41bzRzpBwNL. SL500

As it is with all Hercules DJ controllers, this product comes with all the basic functions you need to get you started as a DJ. It also comes loaded with great features to make it easy to use and a great option for beginners and expert DJs


The overall layout of this DJ controller from Hercules is simple and uncluttered, which makes it easy to manage the controls. This is great for the beginner DJ who still needs to get used to the different functions and master the craft.

For beginner DJs out there, this is the ideal choice, as the Hercules Impulse 500 does not have a steep learning curve. All controls and options are clearly marked to make it easy to find what you are looking for at a quick glance.

With an overall durable design, this DJ controller is made with a long-lasting effect in mind to give you many hours of operation. You also have quick and easy transition options with backup to external sources to make sure you do not lose track of your music.

Great microphone connectivity provides you with good commutative options to make it a bit easier to fit in with the audience. To protect your controller from accidental spillage, it comes equipped with ergonomic popup feet to lift it up.

The overall design and built-in functions make this 2 deck DJ controller from Hercules a good choice for those who want to learn the craft.

Even though this DJ controller is made with a strong and durable construction, some of the elements are made from plastic. This takes away some of the durability and the lifespan of this device which some people will not like.

While it provides access to both the Serato and DJUCED software, it is specifically designed for DJUCED DJ software. This means that those more inclined to Serato will be somewhat limited, which takes away some of the versatility of this controller.


  • It is very easy to set up and operate
  • This controller is great for all levels of DJs
  • Access to two different DJ software packages
  • Great responsiveness from jog wheel


  • Some parts are made from plastic
  • Not the best option for Serato users

Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 2-Deck Rekordbox DJ Controller

51FRubN1aES. SL500

Pioneer is a well-known and trusted brand for any sound output device, especially for DJ controllers. It is made for all levels of DJs out there and is built to give you many hours of happy music output.


The easy plug-and-play setup option of this DJ controller makes it effortless to connect to your PC and other devices. It is also compatible with all the popular operating systems making it a versatile device for DJs with different setups.

With quick access to Rekordbox DJ software without the need for a license key, you can get started without delay. You can also add the DVS Plus Pack, which will provide you with more features such as low latency scratch control.

The compact and easy-to-carry design, together with a lightweight construction, adds to the overall mobility of this controller. This makes it so much easier for any DJ to relocate to different events without too much hassle.

With a customized color LCD option on the jog display, you can easily keep your eyes on the jog for a much better output performance. This means you do not need to look for it every time you want to use it to cut the operating time in half.

Its feedback reducer will instantly reduce any howling sound it may get from microphone feedback. The NXS2 setup provides you with quick and easy access to the club-style layout of this DJ controller.

The effects on this DJ controller only support the Rekordbox software; it will not work well with other popular ones. This means that those DJs who are using different software need to learn this one first before they can use it.

Only two channels of the four available can be used at one time, so this limits the DJ a bit while working. This is not good for those DJs who are used to more channels at their disposal, which is quite a drawback.


  • Built-in HD LCD screens in the jog wheels
  • Very easy connectivity options for PC
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transport
  • It is great for different levels of DJs


  • Effects only support Rekordbox
  • Only two channels work at a time

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch DJ Controller

416uq8VTqsL. SL500

With many years of experience in the DJ controller manufacturing industry, you can expect only the best quality from Numark devices. This Numark DJ controller includes everything you need to get you started in the package to make it much easier for beginner DJs.


For those DJs who are used to Serato, this is the perfect choice when it comes to compatibility options. The fact that it comes pre-mapped with Serato DJ Lite makes this controller ready to be used on the go without delay.

It is also easy to use this device, making it a great option for the entry-level DJ for a quick and easy starting option. The overall layout is simple and clean for quick and easy access to all the functions at a glance.

When you are developing your DJ skills, you need quick, easy access to the best platform that is just right for you. This you get with Virtual DJ MIDI mapping options to provide you with the right tools to captivate your audience.

With Serato DJ Lite at your disposal, quick and easy streaming of millions of tracks is made so much easier. You are directly connected to Soundcloud and Tidal to make it so much easier to get to everyone’s favorite music at your fingertips.

This ultimate mobile DJ controller allows you to go wherever your next event will be. This is the ideal DJ controller for the nomad DJ out there.

With only mini-B USB connectivity, it is a bit limited in connecting to older devices that don’t have this connection option. This is not good for those working with a tight budget and who cannot buy newer devices to fit it.

For some, this might not be that big an issue, but this DJ controller does not have Built-in EQ control for the DJ. This means you do not have the best control over the frequencies for that fine-tuning you need to be perfect.


  • This controller is compatible with Serato
  • It is well designed and has a durable construction
  • A compact and portable design
  • It comes with an affordable price tag attached


  • It uses only mini-B USB connectivity
  • There is no EQ control included with this Controller


41TGwOBqpaL. SL500

This standalone DJ controller is specially designed for the backpack DJ who wants to travel light and not have too much luggage. While it is light, it still comes with a lot of features attached to make it great for the beginner and the expert DJ.


Even though the Prime Go portable DJ controller is only a small package, it still comes packed with many great features. However, the 7-inch display already uses up most of the layout to leave you with very little space for anything else.

The fact that you have support for all the major cable types will further increase the overall versatility of this DJ controller. This feature also makes the Prime Go stand out above most of the other brands of the same design and size.

This device’s small form factor makes it great for the DJ who travels light and only has a backpack. Even if you only use this for a backup DJ controller, you can easily store it in a small, compact space.

Those DJs who love to have a controller setup with their laptop will love the easy display of this one. It comes with all the basic features and provides you with a lot of control over all the functions and features.

The fact that this DJ controller can be operated with batteries makes it easy to practice while on the road.

The beat sound effect is not that great, and it is a bit difficult to find the sweet spot for a perfect sound effect. This may not be that big an issue, but sometimes you are just looking for that perfect sound to wow the audience.

With no USB sound card support, you cannot use this DJ controller as a sound card which is a bit of a negative. Currently, the only use for the USB port, it seems, is to upgrade the firmware of the DJ Prime Go.


  • It comes with support for all major cable types
  • Lightweight and super portable design
  • Very easy to set this device up
  • Many great features added for better performance


  • The beat effects do not sound that great
  • No USB sound card support is added

Gemini Sound SDJ400 Standalone DJ Controller

51yZfGeZdlL. SL500

With value and innovation at your fingertips, you have all the newest technology for DJing at your disposal with this controller. Gemini is a brand that instills peace of mind and trust when it comes to overall quality and durability with their devices.


With this 4 channel mixer, you don’t need a computer to set it up or use it for any DJ gig. All the performance pads can be activated right there on the display to make the layout fairly simple to use.

The large 7-inch display provides quick and easy access to all the features and all your music lists. You can add a PC to this device with the easy Bluetooth connection options at your disposal, or you can operate it standalone.

With capacitive jog wheels, it takes your DJing to the next level with much higher sensitivity levels from the wheels. The perfect touch jog wheels also allow you to work with most genres without any hassles to improve your DJ skills on the go.

You have a range of hotkeys at your fingertips to give you quick and easy access to your sound machine. This is the perfect machine for those who do not always want to carry a laptop with them to their gigs for better mobility.

When it comes to mobility and functionality in one controller, the Gemini SDJ400 is a great option.

With the high price tag attached, you can expect a lot of features included with it, but some may not be able to afford it. This means that many people out there operating with a tight budget will not buy this controller, so they will opt for a cheaper option.

Setting up this DJ controller from Gemini will not be easy, and it will take some time to learn to use it. The beginners out there might get discouraged from using this device for their first few gigs and may even never get to use it.


  • No laptop needed to activate the pads
  • It is meant for advanced-level DJs
  • A lot of great features are built-in
  • Many performance pads added for easy use


  • It comes with quite a high price tag attached
  • You might find it a bit difficult to set up


Choosing the Gemini standalone as your go-to DJ controller gives you many great features; that is why we chose it as our number one. In second place, we have the also very portable Numark DJ2GO2 Touch DJ controller with an affordable price tag for those on a tight budget.

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